Cyberpunk 2077: Panam Romance Guide

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How to romance Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077.
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CrimsonDarkWolf 68
CrimsonDarkWolf 68 Prije 9 sati
What happens if u don’t ask Panam to come with u on the mission with Hellman? Do u still get her?
Chris Landis
Chris Landis Prije 3 dana
I'm doing all the right stuff and not getting Riders on the Storm. Any advice?
rodmongodwood Prije 4 dana
soooo i followed every step but at the train station i got none of the options u mentioned. must be some detail still missing on the path.....
Joey Gehring
Joey Gehring Prije 6 dana
Skipped 12 hours after the riders in the storm and now it’s going on 15 - 16 hours no call. Is the call just random after 12 hours?
BrokenThunder Prije 7 dana
So what you’re telling me is.. I did this accidentally?
Brian Lemus
Brian Lemus Prije 8 dana
Can i skip time to fast foward for the missions
TheGamingWhale Prije 8 dana
Do you need to be a nomad to romance Panam, or can you be a street kid
imaad Shams
imaad Shams Prije 9 dana
Did anyone else load the game when they chose got a few ideas and then automatically felt awkward or is it just me
superpowerhouse653 Prije 10 dana
Okay now do a guide for irl
mrmc2003 Prije 10 dana
Followed every step. But for me at the train station I did not get the take it slow prompt. Or touch her, she just walked away and said let's go. And I went back through every possible text option.... (My character is female, maybe pan dosen't swing that way?)
Luka Prije 10 dana
Why is this in my recommended
Jasmin Velazquez
Jasmin Velazquez Prije 10 dana
Go meet a real girl and not a digital one🙄
Just Amazing
Just Amazing Prije 10 dana
My mom walks into the room and I switched to pron immediately, because that was easy for me to explain to her that what I was watching.
BLMPT_ph4nt0m Prije 10 dana
Thanks dad
zarikzy Prije 10 dana
lovehotdogs Prije 10 dana
Ohhh dammm
WhyShouldI Korah
WhyShouldI Korah Prije 10 dana
Why do they always awkwardly touch faces
A Clone Trooper That Just Wants To Chill
A Clone Trooper That Just Wants To Chill Prije 11 dana
You know IGN made this video for the views
Charlotte's Net
Charlotte's Net Prije 11 dana
Nah David Deangelo showed me how to romance way back son
dd dd
dd dd Prije 11 dana
a guide? just have a male character and she is into you.
Edgars Petriks
Edgars Petriks Prije 11 dana
I pick to touch panams thighs but she says "lets not spoil it" and my male V answers with "lets stay friends" i dont understand i did everything for panam and deffended her in every dialog but im getting frienzoned???
Mohammad Qabbani
Mohammad Qabbani Prije 11 dana
Its cyberBUG!
Richard Prije 11 dana
lol there are people needing a guide to romance panam? she's the one who demands to be with you lol I had to hardcore reject her several times x.x
camroN toneY
camroN toneY Prije 11 dana
Banged her in the Basilisk
MR. akshay 2021
MR. akshay 2021 Prije 11 dana
*This guy can be a great wingman*
UNCAGED-MONSTA Prije 11 dana
I been hitting her with them slick Rick moves but I got panam locked foshoooo
The Yellow Cursor
The Yellow Cursor Prije 11 dana
She looks like posh spice.
ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ
ɴᴏᴛʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sᴇᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ Prije 11 dana
Best girl
joker batman
joker batman Prije 11 dana
Why tho
Milan Radojevic
Milan Radojevic Prije 11 dana
Lol i alredy forgot this game exist .... Sooo sad i was waiting sooo soo long and in end i get game like Fall out 76...
Health tK
Health tK Prije 12 dana
Do you have to do everything perfectly to romance her or can you miss a few steps here and there
Ethan de Mocskonyi
Ethan de Mocskonyi Prije 12 dana
In 2077, what makes someone a criminal...
Kelica Prije 12 dana
IGN teaching gamers how to virtually get laid
MattKim6 Gaming
MattKim6 Gaming Prije 12 dana
"Ask your parents I can't hold your hand forever" 😂
Ohnooze Prije 12 dana
Seriously IGN is so pathetic.
Toadles Prije 12 dana
Why you have a guide for this 😐
Eitan Derovan
Eitan Derovan Prije 12 dana
Why am I watching this, I don't even own the game
Tommy V
Tommy V Prije 12 dana
I tried this in the real world, wouldn't recommend. P.S. Sorry, I can't write a longer comment, we have limited time on the internet in jail.
HARRY ZHANG Prije 12 dana
Can you miss a few or do you have to do them all?
Mencey Sanchez
Mencey Sanchez Prije 12 dana
Wtf is wrong with Cyberpunk. You gonna overthrown Rockstar away. This game should be Rated A
Kyle Gadson
Kyle Gadson Prije 12 dana
I didn’t help her take out Nash.. still got the draws 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Vale Vigo_
Vale Vigo_ Prije 12 dana
Tavion Harris
Tavion Harris Prije 12 dana
Panam is wifey, fight me
Snakefate Prije 12 dana
I can’t hold your hand forever Yes you can
Who am I?
Who am I? Prije 12 dana
Is there a chance that he can create a harem??
Brady Wright
Brady Wright Prije 12 dana
IGN Guides Press A👍
Got_aids69 Prije 12 dana
Don’t try this at home kids
Digital Soldier XP
Digital Soldier XP Prije 13 dana
But ain’t she a he?
Song Qin
Song Qin Prije 13 dana
Fk off everyone, Pan is mine !!!
Farhan Mahfud
Farhan Mahfud Prije 13 dana
Can y'all make Romance Guide for IRL ?
Vukasin Radulovic
Vukasin Radulovic Prije 13 dana
I, still, hate IGN
_xXUNKNOWNXx_ Prije 13 dana
why is there a guide to this 😭😂
Josiah Joel
Josiah Joel Prije 13 dana
What if I chose to side with saul in riders of the storm. But still did the feet thing
LC Siew
LC Siew Prije 13 dana
This guide really helps foreveralone guys
yung kon 93 x
yung kon 93 x Prije 13 dana
Great guide,but i need one that says how to romance a woman in real life
S F Prije 13 dana
This feels too uncanny. 😶
a b
a b Prije 13 dana
guys help why are the choices not appearing in real life
Anonymous Prije 13 dana
No option to make love ?
James Maceaveli
James Maceaveli Prije 13 dana
Feel like I did most of these, just gotta do that last mission. We'll see if my female V pulls it off.
James Maceaveli
James Maceaveli Prije 11 dana
@John Smith Yeah just realised that, ah well guess I'll romance Judy instead.
John Smith
John Smith Prije 11 dana
She can’t she’ll be rejected. Only male V can romance her
River Prije 13 dana
Raggy Boy
Raggy Boy Prije 13 dana
Panam is dream wife material.
faisal Abdulai
faisal Abdulai Prije 13 dana
linhnt23 Prije 13 dana
2:19 Did you say "Desert Rose"? She's Samira - my main in League of Legends, come on!
Kaos One
Kaos One Prije 13 dana
When Panam asks for child support trade the game in.
Eric H
Eric H Prije 11 dana
Cyberpunk 2097
Noah Osborne
Noah Osborne Prije 12 dana
Gamer Snap
Gamer Snap Prije 13 dana
Carlos Prije 13 dana
Well I guess I'll be alone even in this game
Vu Nguyen Duc Anh
Vu Nguyen Duc Anh Prije 13 dana
Follow everything, doesn’t work?
Pureified Agony
Pureified Agony Prije 13 dana
Can only do it with a guy character
Aiden Hepp
Aiden Hepp Prije 13 dana
We got the same hotel room and everything and nothing happens :(
Fredo44 Hughes
Fredo44 Hughes Prije 13 dana
Not true no mission expire
Masters1250 Prije 13 dana
You forgot to mention you can only romance her if your playing a male character.
MiseAjeux Prije 13 dana
You don’t necessarily have to do it the way this video shows you this is but one way to do it
dad Prije 13 dana
Damn bro imagine having a romantic relationship in a video game before having one in real life
Laughing Laughing
Laughing Laughing Prije 13 dana
Just like the simulations
DarthRaider Prije 13 dana
Who even plays this game
Arijit Hazra
Arijit Hazra Prije 13 dana
Ethan Toll
Ethan Toll Prije 13 dana
GAmEr gurLfrOend
Duxonquack 24
Duxonquack 24 Prije 13 dana
If only it were that easy
GOD FATHER Prije 13 dana
Dislikes are panam's brothers
Albert Ortega
Albert Ortega Prije 13 dana
Only has one trickster to fool around with ; ( lol but no Panama ...
Matt Graves
Matt Graves Prije 13 dana
Panam is not my type. Guess Male V players are screwed given we have no attractive female options. They shouldn't have made Judy exclusive to female V.
Sow Reaper
Sow Reaper Prije 13 dana
Lumberg f*cked her...
Emporium Prije 13 dana
i dont even have cyberpunk
DadBod Prije 13 dana
You’re so bad with girls that you need a tutorial... for a girl in a video game...
Cassidy Beatz
Cassidy Beatz Prije 13 dana
Why does IGN's cyberpunk not have glitches
Logan Aristizabal
Logan Aristizabal Prije 13 dana
🤣🤣🤣🤣haha only loser got cyber gfs 🤮
Worawat Srisawasdi
Worawat Srisawasdi Prije 13 dana
Mj Rodriguez
Mj Rodriguez Prije 13 dana
You know your that bad at getting a gf when you have to go to Ign for a guide
Nesquicc Prije 13 dana
Down horrendous
Matty Prije 13 dana
I (male) tried to get with Judy, but got shot down for (now) obvious reasons. I liked that TBH, keeping the LIs' sexualities consistent instead of bending them (no pun intended) to pander to the MC.
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown Prije 14 dana
Relationship advice. Thank you IGN.
TJWreckless 83
TJWreckless 83 Prije 14 dana
Skipthegames and double bag it
๓ͧ๏ᷢ๓ Prije 14 dana
On an unrelated note, did you guys know that 6×9+6+9=69?
ChupetaH Prije 14 dana
Now make a Real life romance guide please
cuellar4500 Prije 14 dana
It works?!
Nightpopcorn 456
Nightpopcorn 456 Prije 14 dana
She is best girl!
Maze Prije 14 dana
to jest ten polski komentarz którego szukałeś
rubioalvin Prije 14 dana
I wish getting a girlfriend was easy as this lmao
C R Prije 12 dana
It's a lot easier then you think
Abhi Prije 13 dana
Have you ever tried to talk to a girl like that. Most of us don't have the guts. Maybe if we do..... I guess it's that easy
Ahmed Nisar
Ahmed Nisar Prije 13 dana
@Tash1n Alam Ok bhai
Tash1n Alam
Tash1n Alam Prije 13 dana
@Ahmed Nisar bhai pls indirectly gaaliyan dena band ki jiye
block62 Prije 13 dana
idk you have to raid a whole gang hideout first
Gaming Fielder
Gaming Fielder Prije 14 dana
I get it now to get a girlfriend you have to say everything she does is alright 😂😂😂😂
archmind Prije 14 dana
I don't know man I still feel like I'll be cheating on Yennefer...
rodmongodwood Prije 4 dana
you mean Triss right? ;P
La Flame
La Flame Prije 5 dana
imma keep it real with u chief but i'd choose Panam over Yen or Triss
rubioalvin Prije 10 dana
@slam klam but looks like a sexy 27 year old
slam klam
slam klam Prije 10 dana
wait don't forget yennefer age she so old and a witch
rubioalvin Prije 13 dana
@TMONEY1298 naw , we prefer the feistier women over here lol
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