Judas and the Black Messiah - Official Trailer 2

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FBI informant William O'Neal (LaKeith Stanfield) infiltrates the Illinois Black Panther Party and is tasked with keeping tabs on their charismatic leader, Chairman Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya). A career thief, O'Neal revels in the danger of manipulating both his comrades and his handler, Special Agent Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons).

Hampton's political prowess grows just as he's falling in love with fellow revolutionary Deborah Johnson (Dominique Fishback). Meanwhile, a battle wages for O'Neal's soul. Will he align with the forces of good? Or subdue Hampton and The Panthers by any means, as FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (Martin Sheen) commands?

The film is in theaters on February 12, 2021, as well as available on HBO Max for 31 days after theatrical release.

Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch Prije 13 sati
Daniel Kaluuya is the only Oscar this film is ever gonna win! PERIOD!
Ap Trader
Ap Trader Prije 19 sati
I don't wanna set him play a black panther smh he's not black American
Juan Rios
Juan Rios Prije 20 sati
Dude I love the title , this looks like a great show
Island Gaming
Island Gaming Prije dan
These are the stories I never was taught growing up as a young black man in the Caribbean. Instead of being taught about Fred Hampton, Marcus Garvey and Malcom x, we were lied to about Christopher Columbus being the best thing since white Jesus. My slave mentality is rooted deep in my DNA but wisdom with age has taught me to search for my past to secure my future!
Richard Magnusson
Richard Magnusson Prije dan
Back when unity and empowerment embodied every fabric of some of our greatest leaders. Hope to see such powerful figures again in our lifetime because this time we won’t let them fall, this time we go all the way.
CIDTV Prije dan
Fred Hampton, Chicago Black Panthers !!!!
Ivan Miller
Ivan Miller Prije dan
( The Most High ) 😎✝️🔥
Isaac Soto
Isaac Soto Prije 2 dana
Murdered by the FBI for tryna liberate his people from the chains of capitalism
Krish Saikia
Krish Saikia Prije 2 dana
Oscars Daniel is coming.
St.Courts Prije 2 dana
I was suppose to be in this!
King Kemet 25
King Kemet 25 Prije 2 dana
Movie is going to be special but also painful to watch
Alyssa Jones
Alyssa Jones Prije 2 dana
Awesome how Lakeith and Daniel reunited for another film.
Marcus Kaleed
Marcus Kaleed Prije 2 dana
One of the most heroic, but tragic story’s ever told!👊🏾 and isn’t it really “Coincidental” that it’s coming out with all that’s going on🙄
Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif Prije 2 dana
For anyone wondering: You should check out Trial of the Chicago 7. Fred Hampton was a minor character but at the same time, his impact to one of the characters Bobby Seale was bery important. This movie is basically the truth about what happened to him.
Cherise Davidson
Cherise Davidson Prije 3 dana
Reading about Fred Hampton made me extremely sad. To know he was really young trying to better the community and the way things have been and are. I hope this movie wins EVERY OSCAR!
Cherise Davidson
Cherise Davidson Prije 17 sati
@Pj Edwards appreciate it! Definitely looking into it!
Pj Edwards
Pj Edwards Prije 17 sati
If you're looking to read more about him check out The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther
Man with da plan fr
Man with da plan fr Prije 3 dana
But on a more serious note... why us. What did we ever do, to anyone so bad to make us the enemy of the world.
O'Shea's Televised Opinions
O'Shea's Televised Opinions Prije dan
@Richard Magnusson I agree
Richard Magnusson
Richard Magnusson Prije dan
It’s a question that we never will get answered so that’s why we should focus on how to rise above their hate and liberate ourselves from their destructive influences.
rasheed sobo
rasheed sobo Prije 3 dana
@O'Shea's Televised Opinions for real
O'Shea's Televised Opinions
O'Shea's Televised Opinions Prije 3 dana
some peoples insecurities are so deep that are peoples existence is a threat to them for some reason, smh, but doesn't take away how amazing and powerful we are as the black community.
rasheed sobo
rasheed sobo Prije 3 dana
I've always wondered that 😒
Man with da plan fr
Man with da plan fr Prije 3 dana
lol his handler
j reid
j reid Prije 3 dana
The title has nothing to do with the dam movie wth
Brandon Holmes
Brandon Holmes Prije 3 dana
Of course it does
Christy pascale
Christy pascale Prije 3 dana
I still need the person who made this trailer to be recognized just like for the first one.🙌🏾
Dammon Israel
Dammon Israel Prije 3 dana
Man I think ima cry when I see this movie He was only 21 when he was murder
Marcus Kaleed
Marcus Kaleed Prije 2 dana
I said the same thing when a buddy of mine sent me a link to the trailer!
King Richmond
King Richmond Prije 4 dana
MrTiagoandre89 Prije 4 dana
Not diverse enough missing asian people etc etc
MrTiagoandre89 Prije 3 dana
@rifle1991 Im joking lol. Sorry
rifle1991 Prije 3 dana
Wtf. This is a film based on history man. It's not fiction.
CinemaMoves Prije 4 dana
Anyone know the Music playing from 1:12 till the end?? PLZZZZ. 😭😭🙏
Tony Purnell
Tony Purnell Prije 4 dana
I'm just here to see if anyone is gonna pull any GET OUT jokes on the comments. The movie looks fire tho.
jamesc Prije 4 dana
Wakanda forever !!
Scott Bohdan
Scott Bohdan Prije 4 dana
Verquisha Hudson
Verquisha Hudson Prije 4 dana
Being an extra in this film was the greatest experience ever‼️😭. @00:30.
Mike Walker
Mike Walker Prije 2 dana
When did they shoot this movie?
Judy Moore
Judy Moore Prije 4 dana
Lakeith is a fantastic actor.
Sinister1986 Prije 4 dana
Another movie about a revolution, it's got that been there done that feeling but I'll check it out some day.
Keem Da Dream
Keem Da Dream Prije 4 dana
So basically its just like the 1995 movie panther on the feds using black moles in the group to bring them down
Brandon Holmes
Brandon Holmes Prije 3 dana
Of course it's the same because its history
246yami Prije 4 dana
Fred Hampton was a socialist. NeoLiberals in Hollywood better not make it seem like he was some centrist lib. He was a true progressive and a real leftist. They better show that.
Mr. 0lvera
Mr. 0lvera Prije 4 dana
This movie looks incredible
Uncut The Urbanite
Uncut The Urbanite Prije 4 dana
If you guys didn't watch the original 90s black panther movie I urge you guys to watch it
syn love
syn love Prije 4 dana
Yassss here for this!.
BDG9Six BayArea
BDG9Six BayArea Prije 4 dana
Heuy P
adri Prije 4 dana
puerto ricooo
Yetunde Adegbite
Yetunde Adegbite Prije 4 dana
So basically they want us to hate lakeith. Neowwwwwwww 🥲🥺
robi dallon
robi dallon Prije 4 dana
please have mark essex in here please
Vesperitis Prije 4 dana
Bald Martin Sheen is creepy as all hell.
Cherise Davidson
Cherise Davidson Prije 3 dana
Juan Simón Primera
Juan Simón Primera Prije 4 dana
Dig this! Wanna watch this now.
leapoffaithninja Prije 4 dana
Its funny how well this didn't age and now look white supremacists is the greatest national security threat
Q K Prije 4 dana
I’m broke and I’m still gonna be in the theater. COVID and all!
Learn English
Learn English Prije 4 dana
This is going to leave a massive imprint on society! Can’t wait to watch it
psulionz87 Prije 4 dana
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 4 dana
anybody remember the black panther movie from the early 90's?
FunkFight1 Prije 3 dana
It was terrible.
Z Was
Z Was Prije 3 dana
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 4 dana
he also played on the second johnny english movie an of course black panther.
matthew Giles
matthew Giles Prije 4 dana
Neuroticmancer Prije 5 dana
FBI are one of the most satanic institutions on the planet. Only outclassed by maybe the CIA, Vatican, NATO, Deutsch Bank, Exxon Mobil or Chevron
Tim Brown
Tim Brown Prije 5 dana
LaKeith Stanfield at 2:19 looks like he's doing the Denzel Washington Malcolm X gif. You know the one
It’s Me, Hikeem!
It’s Me, Hikeem! Prije 5 dana
I thought Daniel said he’s tired of acting in these types of movies...
Jaclyn Skiles
Jaclyn Skiles Prije 5 dana
Typical humans. "Release Barabbas! Give us Barabbas!"
Michael grzybkowski
Michael grzybkowski Prije 5 dana
Fancy releasing a film like this when America is at it's most divided.
KTHEMASTER Prije 3 dana
Fred Hampton was literally about uniting people. What do you think the rainbow coalition was about, Lucky Charms?
E M Prije 4 dana
The only thing divided is the Rich and the Poor. Always been that way.
Ovrlrd Unknown
Ovrlrd Unknown Prije 5 dana
CinemaMoves Prije 5 dana
What the Music playinh???!??? 🤯🤯🤯🤯
CinemaMoves Prije 4 dana
@Levi Burney But do you know the track going on from 1:12 and til the end? 😭🙏 plzzzz
Levi Burney
Levi Burney Prije 4 dana
From beasts of the southern wild soundtrack
Adrián Guillermo Rico Jiménez
Adrián Guillermo Rico Jiménez Prije 5 dana
Hollywood: STAY HOME!! also Hollywood: soon in theaters!!
The Infamous PB
The Infamous PB Prije 5 dana
Is this Marvel's Black Panther sequel movie everyone keeps talking about?
joemobumtwizzler Prije 5 dana
oh look, more anti-white being forced upon regular people..
ReazyRe Prije 3 dana
@joemobumtwizzler And you just follow along because society says so?
Cedsoncole Prije 4 dana
joemobumtwizzler Prije 4 dana
@E M it's what society dictates, not me
E M Prije 4 dana
When did you give up your European heritage to call yourself “white”?
joemobumtwizzler Prije 5 dana
@Will Nother and I'm aware of the black panthers btw, I understand it's premise. I'm just pointing out the reasoning
CagedPhoenixThe1st Prije 5 dana
I'm guessing this is based off true events, since snowfall also somewhat had a moment like this
Justin Humphrey
Justin Humphrey Prije 4 dana
Yes. It is based on the last moments of Fred Hampton a man about peace & freedom. This story is about the infiltration & assassination of his life.
LaCokaNostra81 Prije 5 dana
Spoiler alert: Democrats destroyed the black communities.
Cedsoncole Prije 4 dana
inda trench
inda trench Prije 5 dana
These immigrants playing Black Americans is extremely disrespectful at this point
inda trench
inda trench Prije 4 dana
@Rube Tube Review Don't be fictitious. There are Black American actors who can portray Black American figures
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Prije 4 dana
@inda trench so youre upset that the actors aren’t actually the people they’re portraying? So you’re upset theyre....acting
thepodbaydoorshal Prije 4 dana
@inda trench actual nonsense
inda trench
inda trench Prije 4 dana
@thepodbaydoorshal Actual fact.
thepodbaydoorshal Prije 4 dana
@inda trench nonsense.
reave rich
reave rich Prije 5 dana
people want to be even yet they keep bringing up color
Lincoln Towns
Lincoln Towns Prije 5 dana
I don’t even have to watch it and knowing this will win every Oscar award
Jeremy Wilson
Jeremy Wilson Prije 2 dana
I know what you mean, I bet the most of your thumbs up don't though lol.
harouchr Prije 5 dana
Glorifying the Black Panthers? Oh dear...
Cedsoncole Prije 4 dana
thepodbaydoorshal Prije 5 dana
Ya damn right
uberdude102 Prije 5 dana
Black lives matter ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
E M Prije 4 dana
Two totally different movements, two totally different ideologies and that’s alright.
athan336 Prije 5 dana
wakanda forever
Andrea Necchi
Andrea Necchi Prije 5 dana
Cedsoncole Prije 4 dana
Mark Gray
Mark Gray Prije 5 dana
That’s an Oscar full sweep right there
chido emeka
chido emeka Prije 5 dana
The narrative and music send chills
Kay Ge
Kay Ge Prije 5 dana
Haven’t got this hyped for a movie in a long time👌🏽
The Divide
The Divide Prije 5 dana
White and black women
Diegoberto Bellamy
Diegoberto Bellamy Prije 5 dana
Looks intense!
MysticMan_07 Prije 5 dana
Music at beginning of trailer?
Samuel Nobel
Samuel Nobel Prije 5 dana
Particles of the Universe Heartbeats - from the soundtrack of "Beasts of the Southern Wild"
Philippe Hunt
Philippe Hunt Prije 5 dana
Calling it now, Daniel Kaluuya will win the Oscar for best supporting actor
Will Nother
Will Nother Prije 5 dana
Hope so, such a great actor
MazdaChief Prije 5 dana
Lakeith looking like he fresh outta high school. Lol
SnoopWillPac SkateOn
SnoopWillPac SkateOn Prije 5 dana
This Movie and The American Skin Movie Is A For Sure Must See For Me
Mikhail Anzueta
Mikhail Anzueta Prije 4 dana
Can't wait for tomorrow
SnoopWillPac SkateOn
SnoopWillPac SkateOn Prije 4 dana
@Mike Sams hell yea
Mike Sams
Mike Sams Prije 4 dana
American skin finna go crazy
Rey Lion
Rey Lion Prije 5 dana
I got chills from this trailer alone❗️❗️❗️❗️💯
CreateSpace Prije 5 dana
Two of my favorite actors, Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield
Jairo Prije 5 dana
the, “and on HBO MAX,” 🤧
Saul Cortez
Saul Cortez Prije 5 dana
If you from Chicago you know those sweaters from (1:48) like my comment
danny S
danny S Prije 5 dana
He plays characters that be going thru it
Nemo Pouncey
Nemo Pouncey Prije 4 dana
except johnny english 2.
Curt Prije 5 dana
Sooooo where do we watch it??
Hugo Auditore
Hugo Auditore Prije 5 dana
Thats almost the plot of blackkklansmen
s Hill
s Hill Prije 2 dana
Yeah except for the fact that it's two completely different characters in two completely different situations with opposite intentions and to completely different results.
Philip Banks
Philip Banks Prije 5 dana
This already looks like a masterpiece
Philip Banks
Philip Banks Prije 4 dana
@Moon And Star for me personally, acting wise and the way the story looks to be set up. I’m a big fan of the actors, Lakeith and Daniel specifically, and I have black in my blood as I’m mixed so I’m always down for a movie that educates me on black history, as well as American history. And it’s just my preopinion, I have to view it first to be able to say anything. Why? Do you think otherwise?
Moon And Star
Moon And Star Prije 5 dana
Really? Why if I may ask?
Jason Lesage
Jason Lesage Prije 5 dana
What is Real
What is Real Prije 5 dana
you are rebelling against this system! Pat yourself on the back, you react and respond exactly as you are engineered to. You are rebels!
LeonardoPolodaVinci Prije 5 dana
Bro your edge is cutting everyone. Take more acid & question your life in the corner of your room.
Cc C
Cc C Prije 5 dana
Scripted World Theatre/Psyop on the masses by the world elite... All world leaders are scripted puppet actors installed by the world elite....
SalvaLm Prije 5 dana
James Hulligan
James Hulligan Prije 5 dana
Daniel Kaluuya is winning Best Supporting Actor for this... 100%
James Hulligan
James Hulligan Prije 4 dana
@OHiWONder Gaming nah they submitted him for BSA and Lakieth for Best Actor lol
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming Prije 4 dana
He's the star of the film lol
DJ Revolver
DJ Revolver Prije 5 dana
just came to report this horseshit.
Cedsoncole Prije 4 dana
Will Nother
Will Nother Prije 5 dana
Why? its a movie trailer
A Blue Jay Turned Black
A Blue Jay Turned Black Prije 5 dana
All the diss likes for this movie trailer hmmm I wonder why.
marc demaco
marc demaco Prije 5 dana
@What is Real Your pseudo-intellectual comment reeks man. Make sense please.
What is Real
What is Real Prije 5 dana
The sunk in place is everywhere, you are the people in US grunting and unable to communicate anything. Holding hands in self destruction.
femibash Prije 5 dana
Racists hit that button quickly
James Wayne
James Wayne Prije 5 dana
I’m confused what’s with all the dislikes? Did I miss something?
tt k
tt k Prije 5 dana
@Brad John for protecting and feeding their community
Brad John
Brad John Prije 5 dana
@Hel1mutt XD cry more. Also you do realise the black panthers were black supremacists?
Hel1mutt Prije 5 dana
Since a bunch of white supremacists managed to get a bunch of people to storm the capital building, they feel they can try and suppress media they think would make them look bad
The Vinyl Truffle
The Vinyl Truffle Prije 5 dana
They ain’t gonna send us campin like they did my man Fred Hampton Still we lampin, still clockin dirt for our sweat the ballots dead so a bullet’s what I get
Bailey Prije 5 dana
BLACK LIVES MATTER!! i Mean BLACK POWER!!! either way both racists in 2021
El_tamalero Prije 5 dana
HopeBringer Prije 5 dana
I just hope they don’t paint the black panthers as bad.
The Malevolent One
The Malevolent One Prije 5 dana
@HopeBringer Yeah, a bunch of ruthless black supremacists fighting for "equal rights"!
HopeBringer Prije 5 dana
@Mike H fighting for civil justice and equal rights vs. a bunch of white cry babies because their president didn’t win? Try someone else.
Mike H
Mike H Prije 5 dana
Of course they won’t. It’s 2021. They will paint them as heroes, because obviously only heroes start riots and form armed militias. Oops, unless you’re white - then the left is suddenly not okay with anymore.
Blaziking 05
Blaziking 05 Prije 5 dana
Is this a political film?
LeonardoPolodaVinci Prije 5 dana
patrick pettibone
patrick pettibone Prije 5 dana
How timely
Name Prije 5 dana
I’m green and I like this trailer
King Lex
King Lex Prije 5 dana
Is that the girl from Project Power as Hampton's gf ?
Michael Tanis
Michael Tanis Prije 5 dana
Why yes it is my dear friend
Electrex Prije 5 dana
The Divided States of America will never change. This country will always be run by White Supremacists that want to destroy black lives.
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