Will Bethesda's Indiana Jones Game Be Xbox-Exclusive? - IGN Daily Fix

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In today's Daily Fix, a new Indiana Jones game has been announced by Bethesda. Will it star Harrison Ford? And more importantly, will it be Xbox-exclusive in some capacity? In kinda related news, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order got an update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. No, this isn't an actual next-gen version of the game, but it does include a few features that take advantage of next-gen hardware. And finally, Netflix just announced a new original movie for every week of 2021. That's a lot of new content, and it doesn't even include their original shows like Stranger Things. Get ready to add more titles to your queue.
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Ali Gillani
Ali Gillani Prije 2 dana
Well done Spencer well done you have made me buy xbox series S. Damn Microsoft will more likely give Sony run for its money.
Ali Gillani
Ali Gillani Prije 2 dana
Let's see if Indiana Jones will become Uncharted for XBox.
Rob Richards
Rob Richards Prije 3 dana
Hi lady with the pretty smile....thanks for the vid....hope it does come exclusive....want my achieve points not ps trophies :D
04nbod Prije 3 dana
Indiana Jones will not look like Harrison Ford? Whoever wrote that for you just embarrassed you
CyberSecurityCentre Prije 3 dana
What's the point buying Bethesda if it's not exclusive
Ian Anony
Ian Anony Prije 3 dana
It’s coming to PlayStation too!
Sanbo’s *Realm*
Sanbo’s *Realm* Prije 4 dana
please dont
August Rangel
August Rangel Prije 4 dana
Wellp guess I'm getting an XBOX Bethesda
Glue Prije 4 dana
Came for indy Stayed for Sydnee
THE GamingCrasher
THE GamingCrasher Prije 4 dana
Yes now people can’t say Xbox only has halo
Bruh Lombruhdi
Bruh Lombruhdi Prije 4 dana
I hope it is exclusive. I know many people love indie but Microsoft just spent 7 BILLION dollars on the company making this and this could be a way to get back at Sony for Spiderman. It makes perfect sense to do it. Plus it would give Sony a taste of their own medicine...
Caleb Langner
Caleb Langner Prije 4 dana
I haven't seen any mentions of this game from other platform. Probably timed at the most imo
The NDstructible1
The NDstructible1 Prije 5 dana
Wait till MS buys Disney and has the MCU
FMA B Prije 5 dana
not in first person
Will Vasquez
Will Vasquez Prije 6 dana
You have the mos annoying voice
Angelo angibeau
Angelo angibeau Prije 6 dana
If Xbox don’t make that game exclusive their dumb. They need exclusives
04nbod Prije 3 dana
It may not be XBox's choice. What does Lucasfilm want? Probably the largest possible profit right?
Z1ng1s Prije 6 dana
Syd is bae. 😁
EVOLICIOUS Prije 6 dana
No, beascsue Win10 owns Xbox. Every game that comes out on xbox will be on the win10 store. So PC and Xbox exclusive, technically.
Crimson Spyder
Crimson Spyder Prije 3 dana
No Microsoft owns windows and Xbox so it’s a Microsoft exclusive
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Prije 7 dana
Probably. Sony has Uncharted. Microsoft will have Indiana Jones.
Артем Север
Артем Север Prije 7 dana
It will be a bug fest 😅🤦‍♂️
WildSky Prije 7 dana
No such thing as Xbox exclusive. Everyone got a laptop or home pc. So Microsoft Windows is essentially Xbox i like Sony which has real exclusives.
Crimson Spyder
Crimson Spyder Prije 3 dana
It’s still a exclusive because a other consoles won’t get it and considering Microsoft owns Xbox and windows it’s a Microsoft exclusive and if I remember correctly some of Sony’s exclusives have been on Pc.
kazkasa inca
kazkasa inca Prije 7 dana
Son of a
bajumbus bajumbus
bajumbus bajumbus Prije 7 dana
im gonna lose it if its an xbox exclusive
Adrián Ruiz
Adrián Ruiz Prije 7 dana
Definitely going to be exclusice, on twitter a guy comented on the trailer saying he bought an xbox to play games first and better like these, and the oficial xbox twitter replied and I quote: "This game belongs on an Xbox!" I think basically hinting to it being an exclusive.
Yeet NadeZ
Yeet NadeZ Prije 7 dana
I seriously hope they have it on ps4
JimmyB Prije 7 dana
It is so funny to me that we went from "Xbox has no games" to " Please let Xbox games come to Playstation". :)
sparta Prije 5 dana
Halo infinite Hellblade2 Ark2 Fable Perfect dark Everwild Avowed Starfield Forza Crossfirex State of decay 3 As dusk falls Grounded Elder scrolls 6 Call of the sea Scorn Psycho nauts 2 Darktide The ascent The gunk And more Playstation: only 7 comfirmed exclusives
Moshiur Ahmed
Moshiur Ahmed Prije 7 dana
Sexy af! 😳🔥❣️
neosrt10 Prije 7 dana
It should be an exclusive fk it Sony is petty enuff to not allow Spiderman or Miles Morales and even a Spiderman dlc on Avengers on Xbox they dont deserve to have Indiana Jones or a game from Bethesda.
Christian Rooks
Christian Rooks Prije 7 dana
Gaming Devil
Gaming Devil Prije 7 dana
Maximum can happen it can be is timed exclusive
onidub Prije 7 dana
If this does happen i definitely going to play the xbox more
Andrew Perry
Andrew Perry Prije 7 dana
Better question is, who still cares about this franchise?
MC Heisenberg
MC Heisenberg Prije 7 dana
One day it was playstation now it xbox
Bigbodyrover Prije 7 dana
Me as a xbox owner looking shocked to see a possible decent title coming to xbox and not playstation..👀
shane o neill
shane o neill Prije 7 dana
Well if Bethesda have hand in it, xbox can keep it, Bethesdas game's are space wasters for PlayStation anyway, "it just works"
Gray Gray
Gray Gray Prije 7 dana
Life in Shadow
Life in Shadow Prije 7 dana
Let xbox have there dude raider since tomb raider aint work out for them an sony got uncharted!!
MR FlackAttack
MR FlackAttack Prije 7 dana
Unlikely, but I wouldn’t put an exclusive DLC past them.
GyanPrakash Prije 7 dana
I'm waiting for Summer you know why ☺️☺️
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Prije 7 dana
If the Indiana Jones game is an Xbox exclusive I am marching down to Bethesda and walking out covered in blood
A_ Pickle
A_ Pickle Prije 5 dana
Bro chill PlayStation gets tons of cool exclusives like Spider-Man, so let Xbox have Indy
Adam S
Adam S Prije 7 dana
Soooooo Uncharted? Just set in Indiana Jones universe?
Jeffrey Lieberman
Jeffrey Lieberman Prije 7 dana
Damn, she's sooooo cute!
ZachMaster97 Prije 7 dana
Bethesda has done games that are both Microsoft and PlayStation, and since I am a PlayStation person, it better not be exclusively only to XBox
sparta Prije 5 dana
I can tell you're a sony person because of that crappy prof pic LMAOOOOOOO
Scribbly Prije 7 dana
It will
Eric Madill
Eric Madill Prije 7 dana
Xbox NEEDS this game to be exclusive.
Isaac Fernandez
Isaac Fernandez Prije 7 dana
Gorgeous you are out of your mind, it has to be first person. P.S. it better the spitting image of Harrison Ford
Joe B
Joe B Prije 7 dana
Better fookin not be.
Herman Munster
Herman Munster Prije 7 dana
It’s Bethesda, so 2037 release date?
Lazybeat X
Lazybeat X Prije 7 dana
Of course it will be exclusive, why are we still asking this question? Some people still just can’t handle the accusation 😂
RealDeal Prije 7 dana
it should they need something to at list scratch sony
Grigori Rasputin
Grigori Rasputin Prije 7 dana
Please be on PS4 oh my gosh.
D - Darko
D - Darko Prije 7 dana
Almost certainly...
bryce mcconel
bryce mcconel Prije 7 dana
It better not be!
1st JBGaming
1st JBGaming Prije 7 dana
Indiana Jones needs to be on ps5
sparta Prije 5 dana
Lmao ????
Naom Darth
Naom Darth Prije 7 dana
Keep begging 😝
adamaj Prije 7 dana
The Indiana Jones game will probably release when the new movie comes out in July 2022. And I don't think it will be multiplatform just because it's a popular movie franchise. Spiderman is obviously a popular franchise, yet Disney, who owns Marvel/Spiderman, partnered with Insomniac Games, which is owned by Sony, and Miles Morales is only on Playstation. It's the exact same situation with Indiana Jones. Lucasfilm Games (which is ONLY a brand, not a physical entity/real game studio) partnered with Microsoft, which owns Machinegames and Bethesda/ Todd Howard, to produce an Indiana Jones game. Just like Miles Morales had a movie to go along with the game, there will be an Indiana Jones game to go with that movie, and it will be an Xbox exclusive just like Miles Morales is for Sony.
SuperFryGuy Prije 7 dana
I am assuming it's gonna be on Xbox and PC at the least. I think MicroSoft will either have a PC version come out on launch or have it be a timed exclusive to the Xbox. I think it's very likely this could come to PlayStation though, as I think Disney probably wants more money. Though they could possibly have a deal with MicroSoft to get back at Sony for having exclusive Spiderman games, while MicroSoft now would have exclusive Star Wars and Indiana Jones games on Xbox and possibly (and most likely) PC as well.
KIN S Prije 7 dana
For all consoles pleaseeeee
Jeremiah Pickens
Jeremiah Pickens Prije 8 dana
Adventures games are way better as a third person game.
Melvo Prije 8 dana
You can probably still play this on Playstation consoles once Microsoft finish developing the web app for Xbox game pass to stream in web browsers, then literally anything that can run a web browser or android can be an xbox, rivals included.
Camille White
Camille White Prije 8 dana
girl is fine
Jared Guffey
Jared Guffey Prije 8 dana
If they want more money then they’ll sell it to both. Since no one has a XBOX they won’t make much.
Yazan Prije 8 dana
everyone i know have xbox, i know no one who have ps
Chess Prije 8 dana
You’re hot. I would.
Glenn Bowers
Glenn Bowers Prije 8 dana
I think it will be a timed exclusive
Paul Wilde
Paul Wilde Prije 8 dana
Microsoft filling an Uncharted-shaped hole with not much subtlety
Naom Darth
Naom Darth Prije 7 dana
Uncharted is garbage
chapman2001 Prije 8 dana
I bet it’s gonna be vr 😂😂🤣
Mr.cyberwalker Prije 8 dana
Jacek Wazny
Jacek Wazny Prije 8 dana
Yes finally IGN exclusive 👏
Ray Rodriguez
Ray Rodriguez Prije 8 dana
Indiana jones?? 🥱🥱🥱 cool.
ZIYAD ZUHAIR Prije 8 dana
Fallout : Indiana Jones
Beamthegamer Prije 8 dana
Daily fix on HRpost?
Qualisarphate Prije 8 dana
...the question is will Doug Lee return to do the voice acting for Indy, after all he did the voice for Fate of Atlantis and infernal Machine.
Senior cheese
Senior cheese Prije 8 dana
I would love it if Harrison Ford voiced and was modeled for Indiana Jones. In my memory he IS INDIANA JONES. But on the flip-side, I can't get over the fact that Cameron Monaghan is the lead for Star Wars, I can't play the game. Every time I see him all I see is some bizarre character from shameless with disappointing flashbacks as the joker in Gotham. It takes me out of the gameplay and story of star wars every time
Only Reason
Only Reason Prije 8 dana
If you really want to play a game, please just buy the platform it's available on. Don't be one of these social rejects port begging and threatening people.
Justin Locke
Justin Locke Prije 8 dana
2:47 now we'll "gosh" about Machine Games?
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Prije 6 dana
Jordan Bryan
Jordan Bryan Prije 8 dana
Xbox announces exclusively owned game. Everyone: Will this new Xbox exclusive come to PlayStation!?!? It has to come to PlayStation! Sony releases exclusively owned game. Everyone: Wow Sony just got another exclusive game. Playstation is a must buy. Xbox has no games. Sony and it's fans and it's media(ign) is pathetic.
Daily Pursuit
Daily Pursuit Prije 8 dana
It will be 90 euros plus 20 euros per month an filled with bugs.
assclams Prije 8 dana
meh. not very exclusive sounding lmao.
Ben Vaun
Ben Vaun Prije 8 dana
No because it will also be on PC........
Yazan Prije 8 dana
who cares about pc honestly, pc gamers are mostly chines and russians
tanner fromhigh
tanner fromhigh Prije 8 dana
Sitting here with my series X furious that this is our “exclusive”...
Assassin_Mafia Gaming
Assassin_Mafia Gaming Prije 8 dana
Yeah let them have their own uncharted game but he’s a actual legend let Xbox keep Indiana Jones
Keef Katcher
Keef Katcher Prije 8 dana
SophisticatedAss Prije 8 dana
No it’s multiplat, xbox and pc only 👌
Korra Prije 7 dana
That means it is Microsoft exclusive
LPgamemaniac Prije 8 dana
Can't wait for the 16 times the details game from liar Howard
ReedMySole Prije 8 dana
I see no xbox fan boys complaining about potential exclusive lol.
Naom Darth
Naom Darth Prije 7 dana
It is exclusive
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh Prije 8 dana
It will be a massive flop if they decide to make it First person..The sheer laziness that studios are showing right now is alarming.. CYberpunk shouldve been 3rd person..
Snoopy.x Prije 8 dana
Lets be honest here, naughty dog should have gotten indy ip
samuraigundam0079 Prije 8 dana
If he doesn't look like Harrison Ford than that's a deal breaker. No one will replace Harrison as Indy in the films, so it doesn't matter if he's retiring.
04nbod Prije 3 dana
@Christopher Eaton If they reboot it will be Young Indiana Jones. No way they replace Harrison soon
Daniel Anane
Daniel Anane Prije 7 dana
The voice actor of Arthur Morgan (Roger Clark) posted a possible tease on twitter about this game so he might be the VA for Indiana Jones
Christopher Eaton
Christopher Eaton Prije 7 dana
idk a chris pratt Indiana Jones doesn't sound too bad not better than Harrison Ford but that's a given
Jahvi games
Jahvi games Prije 8 dana
there should be both first and third person option
EricDutemple Prije 8 dana
That thumbnail though:D
RastaLovePeace Prije 8 dana
Wait... where's her bra? On the inside this time? Pshhh
UnknownDude007 Prije 8 dana
Luna exclusive after Amazon buys Bethesda from Microsoft in 2024.
It Must Be RoofCake
It Must Be RoofCake Prije 8 dana
Buy it one piece at a time!
James Brod
James Brod Prije 8 dana
“Wolfenstein 2 is one of my favorite games” Ehhhhhhh
El Pablo
El Pablo Prije 8 dana
I hope so!!!!
shane white
shane white Prije 8 dana
So you are asking a game owned by Microsoft will it be an Xbox exclusive? 😂
Monsieur Habib
Monsieur Habib Prije 8 dana
I am the 1000th comment
RoyaleFuryGaming Prije 8 dana
PS5 owner says keep it 👍
ThePoet209 Prije 8 dana
It should be a exclusive PlayStation won’t let us Xbox players play Spider-Man
dante bigguy
dante bigguy Prije 8 dana
Doesn’t bother me, this would be Xbox answer to uncharted if done right....
MakingNoobMovies Prije 8 dana
Disney owns everything Lucas so wouldn’t that mean they will make the decision on exclusivity? Unless they work out a very specific deal with Microsoft/Bethesda I don’t think it would be likely to be exclusive since they’re all for the money.
MakingNoobMovies Prije 8 dana
@Maikon Garcia Yes they have the definitive rights to the cinematic Spider-man but it does seem Sony still has a say in the video game department, they probably have enough stakes on the character to be included in the decision making for the character’s inclusion in video games and their deep pockets probably accounts for some of it. I can’t say for sure about his appearance in UA3 on switch but it could have something to do with him already being an established character in the franchise and his usage rights already being established. Indiana Jones is probably gonna be on a pretty blank slate where anything can happen until the details are finalized.
Maikon Garcia
Maikon Garcia Prije 8 dana
Disney also own Spideman in games and Marvel's Ultimate Alliance all console exclusives (before you say "No, Sony owns Spider-man" no, Sony owns cinematic rights for films longer than 40 minutes, that's all)
Helmaroc Prije 8 dana
I get not having Harrison Ford voice him, but it’s be really weird if he didn’t look like him
ANDREW D KILLER Prije 8 dana
Yeah like Mortal Kombat 11 terminator when Arnold doesn’t voice him but the character looks like him
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