Wrong Turn: Exclusive Official Clip (2021)

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Backwoods terror and never-jangling suspense meet when Jen (Charlotte Vega) and a group of friends set out to hike the Appalachian Trail. Despite warnings to stick to the trail, the hikers stray off course-and cross into land inhabited by The Foundation, a hidden community of mountain dwellers who use deadly means to protect their way of life. Suddenly under siege, Jen and her friends seem headed to the point of no return- unless Jen's father (Golden Globe nominee Matthew Modine) can reach them in time.

The film stars the ensemble cast of Charlotte Vega (The Lodgers), Adain Bradley ("Riverdale"), Bill Sage (American Psycho), Emma Dumont ("The Gifted"), Dylan McTee ("Rosewell, New Mexico") and Matthew Modine ("Stranger Things"). The film is directed by Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) and written by Alan B. McElroy (Wrong Turn).

Wrong Turn will premiere in theaters for one night only January 26, 2021. Tickets for the premiere event will be available at www.FathomEvents.com and at movie theater box offices starting January 8, 2021.

Google Reviewer
Google Reviewer Prije 4 dana
These people couldn't dodge a tennis ball rolling down a street!!
Maikki Maikki
Maikki Maikki Prije 4 dana
Trop hate il sort quand en France svp ? 🇫🇷
Siddhant Sinha
Siddhant Sinha Prije 4 dana
I should have simply moved aside....Its that simple.
whoisrealm Prije 5 dana
I guess they made a wrong turn in which way to run.
Stallone Tjia
Stallone Tjia Prije 7 dana
Running sideways or cover hide behind the tree???
Jojo Batosai
Jojo Batosai Prije 7 dana
Hum... Just run on the left or right.. I mean.. You know 😕🤷🏽‍♂️
mona Prije 7 dana
they managed to do absolutley everything wrong
Prajjwal Tiwari
Prajjwal Tiwari Prije 8 dana
Cutest girls always fall first.😠
wrestlemaniac829 Prije 8 dana
Run to the side... hide behind one of the trees... *Watches scene* Or... just run downhill and hope you can outrun it... brilliant.
BALL IS LIFE Prije 8 dana
MiniWorld TV
MiniWorld TV Prije 8 dana
is is a robotic log? why it roll so fast?? log doesnt move that way. it will be blocked by standing trees there for sure
MiniWorld TV
MiniWorld TV Prije 8 dana
very impossible thing. . log doesnt move that way.
Your Usurper
Your Usurper Prije 8 dana
Is this our Catalyst?
Kvng-D Prije 8 dana
Nyx Fenris
Nyx Fenris Prije 9 dana
I love diversity kills.
coleeg69 Prije 9 dana
Sees tree rolling down at them All ran downhill which the tree is travelling.... Just move slightly to the left or right and boom. That trap should not have worked. Wtf.
clint iacuone
clint iacuone Prije 9 dana
I came here for the comments and wasn’t disappointed😂 but for real though why did that guy just sit there and accept his death when he could’ve made a mad dash out of the logs way!? Or they all could’ve made a RIGHT turn instead of a wrong one or should I say not turn at all😅
Jason King
Jason King Prije 10 dana
This film (the original one) isn't that old? Why are they remaking it? Is it because nobody has any imagination any more? :)
Michael Kukor
Michael Kukor Prije 10 dana
Oh the movie logic
YTK Prije 10 dana
Ohh yeahh wrong turn
Utkarsh I.
Utkarsh I. Prije 10 dana
wow they really justify the title of the movie even in the trailer
Dan Russell
Dan Russell Prije 10 dana
Damn that Hurt?
polong99 Prije 10 dana
I just wanna see some tibbies
A THANH Prije 10 dana
Chromaray Prije 11 dana
I didn't expected another Wrong Turn movie in 2021
BibliophileColorist Prije 11 dana
You see, they all would have made it with a little zig and zag... Instead of running in a damn straight line with a huge log coming after you!
M. J
M. J Prije 11 dana
I'm pretty sure I'd do a better job with the editing than these guys.
Matthew Livingston
Matthew Livingston Prije 11 dana
The guy killed was a vegetarian.
Jimmy A
Jimmy A Prije 11 dana
Who's the protagonist? The log?
Lola Fierce
Lola Fierce Prije 11 dana
I was hoping that this clip might restore my faith in the movie after seeing the trailer...but it didn’t 😂😂🙈🙈 Still haven’t seen any of the brothers so defo don’t think they are in this movie at all
darian presidente
darian presidente Prije 11 dana
Um left or right? 🤣 Yourll wanted to die
Bobby Rowden
Bobby Rowden Prije 11 dana
I can't wait
Emmanuel ATTI
Emmanuel ATTI Prije 11 dana
There is no way a log this size would roll more than 10ft without blocking on a tree in this kind of forest. Also they run in the wrong direction. That scene is so dumb.
香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡 Prije 11 dana
香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡 Prije 11 dana
Your gov insane so hilltop themselves . What I speak turn it down . SO POOR , REALLY NEED HEAL , AMERICA IS FALLING .
•ZeroAce •
•ZeroAce • Prije 11 dana
How is this wrong turn? They didn't even make a turn they ran straight.
•ZeroAce •
•ZeroAce • Prije 11 dana
How is this wrong turn? They didn't even make a turn they ran straight.
Alih Dilaurentis
Alih Dilaurentis Prije 11 dana
That marvel geek
That marvel geek Prije 11 dana
James finna make that sweet sweet money when he makes his kill count video. 🤑🤑🤑
Restless Dreams
Restless Dreams Prije 11 dana
diversity is our strength
Wrong Turn Gamer
Wrong Turn Gamer Prije 11 dana
When movie release
millarsmind Prije 11 dana
did Micheal bay edit this?
Ray Rodriguez
Ray Rodriguez Prije 11 dana
Enough about the damn log. Anyone think this will succeed to the OG one??
TheKingSlayer745 Prije 11 dana
Kyle Gregorio
Kyle Gregorio Prije 11 dana
that was v dramatic for a falling log
City Bay
City Bay Prije 11 dana
"...and then a giant log came rolling down the hill towards them." "Wow. I bet it's gonna be super hard to make that log be remotely dangerous seeing that they can just go sideways away from the log." "Actually, it's gonna be super easy. Barely an inconvenience." "Oh, really?" "Yeah. I'm just gonna make them... not go sideways." "What?" "Yeah, I'm just gonna make them all scream a lot while going in the same direction that the log is going." "But why?" "So the movie can happen." "Fair enough." "Also, I was thinking of having like 50 different cuts happening per second while they're all running to make it as horrifying as possible. Or just to make it confusing, whichever comes first." "Wow wow wow wow. Wow."
Anderson Chase
Anderson Chase Prije 11 dana
They didn't make any turns, I think left or right might have worked
Gubbins Prije 12 dana
This looks horrible
Aidan Bennett
Aidan Bennett Prije 12 dana
Is that Chandler in the thumbnail (one of mr beasts friends)?
TheInfekt Prije 12 dana
It wouldve been real easy to survive that in real life by just running towards the right or left but they just kept running downhill lmao 🤣
Strobenz Prije 12 dana
Ah yes, the Prometheus school of running away from things
Jimuella Aniasco
Jimuella Aniasco Prije 12 dana
i hope the next trailer we can see the mutants
Adan Deleon
Adan Deleon Prije 12 dana
There are going to be no cannibals in the movie!🤦🏽‍♂️ not looking forward for this
Dale Prije 12 dana
Everyday I'm checking for a Blu-ray release date...
Merida O'hara
Merida O'hara Prije 12 dana
Hide behind a bug tree, if you cant run, darwinism
Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest Prije 12 dana
Wait we don't even get to see him squashed by the tree? Eurgh. I hate that. Its wrong turn right?
FANTAFAN Prije 12 dana
asshhh renemiss
asshhh renemiss Prije 12 dana
Woow tremendaa escenaa!! mucha tension O.o con ver este poquito ya me puse re nervioso jjajajajaja
RJ Cruz
RJ Cruz Prije 12 dana
Those damn inbred logs
Wiggler Kun
Wiggler Kun Prije 12 dana
Horror movie logic : Prometheus run
TardarSauce Prije 12 dana
This is the he 7th wrong turn film
chaskillapvp dayZ
chaskillapvp dayZ Prije 12 dana
amo el terror
Benjamin Obeng
Benjamin Obeng Prije 12 dana
Sorry, but this clip alone shows how this movie is going to be...
PhantomMatrix Prije 12 dana
They will be fine! Just a flesh wound. 😂
Annual Leopard
Annual Leopard Prije 12 dana
I've never seen so many horror cliches in such a short amount of time
Vallian Giovanni
Vallian Giovanni Prije 12 dana
Really? Just run to the left or run to the right side, LMAO
Ivan Soedjono
Ivan Soedjono Prije 12 dana
So we don't even get to see his face getting smashed by the tree
Ghetto Lisa
Ghetto Lisa Prije 12 dana
So many cuts...
Mike Prije 12 dana
What the F is this? Looks like some college students made this, thanks for releasing a mini clip so I know now not to watch it
Mr. Redfield
Mr. Redfield Prije 12 dana
Oh no, another shitty Wrong Turn movie
Nomad Official Music
Nomad Official Music Prije 12 dana
“I find your lack of making the right turn disturbing”
TorrierEnd19 Prije 12 dana
Plz let three fingers be in here plzzzz
bruce adkins
bruce adkins Prije 12 dana
i jus hope that the entire movie not be like this scene...
Felipe dos Santos Belarmino
Felipe dos Santos Belarmino Prije 12 dana
In addition to running in the same direction as the trunk, instead of going to the side ... it's amazing how the trunk doesn't pass through any trees, but the survivors need to avoid some.
Juliet Bengulo
Juliet Bengulo Prije 12 dana
No gore nooooooooooooooooooooooo
victor corinthiano
victor corinthiano Prije 12 dana
The Best Top de mais vai chegar quando no Brasil
subha Prije 12 dana
OMG They're literally trying to prove how to make a wrong turn....
Cesar Flores
Cesar Flores Prije 12 dana
Why the arabian died first? jaja
Dan Reyes
Dan Reyes Prije 13 dana
Watching people getting murdered is hilarious
AquaSpark Prije 13 dana
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Wrong Turn
DAN LICHT Prije 13 dana
2010 KING
2010 KING Prije 13 dana
Forget a wrong turn They didnt even make a turn
joeS163 Prije 13 dana
More money was spent making this one clip, than the budgets for the last 6 films combined 😂
Lee Croft
Lee Croft Prije 13 dana
Jesus Christ, have people forgot how to make movies ??? From this, clearly they have. The moment the girl whipped out her iphone i just laughed/cried and rolled my eyes.
Checkurwristwatch Prije 13 dana
Instead of screaming, he shoulda tried jumping over or out of the way?
Cameron Seis
Cameron Seis Prije 13 dana
This is a joke right?
Troy Welch
Troy Welch Prije 13 dana
“They went to the Prometheus school of running”
Miguel González
Miguel González Prije 13 dana
The editing in this and all those camera shots make me dizzy AF.
Casey Mullen
Casey Mullen Prije 13 dana
sooo its just smashing thru other trees? looking like the bo jackson of trees
fragkia3 Prije 13 dana
Honestly, I thought that was Angry Joe at the thumbnail for this vid......
zak naim
zak naim Prije 13 dana
I don't know why , every wrong turn movie , why people go to words 😅 its a same story !! Only new high quality camera , I don't understand they start screaming for no reason?? 💯⚠️
Mr Arrowverse 16
Mr Arrowverse 16 Prije 13 dana
I am glad they are going a different route for this Franchise because the series went down hill after the second movie
Professor Lean
Professor Lean Prije 13 dana
They clearly haven't watched Game of thrones 🤦‍♂️
GimmieGaming Prije 13 dana
Oh no....this looks.....this looks horrendous 😳
ELITEplus Prije 13 dana
Why do I feel like this is a movie where they kill the guys off and keep the girls alive like majority of the movies, idk I can’t say much of the movie so we’ll just have to wait and see 🤷‍♂️ btw don’t take this comment the wrong way, just hoping this movie turns out how we wanted too, I’m kinda worried about recent made movies 🤨
P Demmy
P Demmy Prije 13 dana
This explains how dumb the characters in a movie are ,dude cmon take cover behind a tree
Jackson Brookens-Coleman
Jackson Brookens-Coleman Prije 13 dana
Out of everything they could’ve done, we needed a wrong turn remake
Itihas Adhikari
Itihas Adhikari Prije 13 dana
Is it cuz I am high or this camera work is really too shaky than needed!! Plus it looks like a fan made movie wtf
Sin City Quinn
Sin City Quinn Prije 13 dana
Yeah, run in a straight line. Instead of stepping 2 feet to the left. Great logic. I’m just going to have to spend 2 hours watching this brilliant example of film making.
FilletKabob Prije 13 dana
Why didn’t they show the death? I mean this is wrong turn.
Kody vannah
Kody vannah Prije 13 dana
Anyone who has seen wrong turn 6 knows that not much can top how bad that movie is. I don’t think this will be one, also...why put that character in if you are going to make such a big spoiler?
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