NVIDIA GeForce RTX: Game On Livestream - CES 2021

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Prije 10 dana

Tune in to NVIDIA's CES 2021 livestream to catch all the info on their latest innovations with their GeForce RTX GPUs.

Davy Rana
Davy Rana Prije 20 sati
Anyone kind enough to tell me the sound tracks used in the countdown?
VLAD-ANDREI ROȘ Prije 2 dana
plslslslslslslslslsllsslslslsl NO
Daniel C
Daniel C Prije 3 dana
I was so frustrated I just decided 'to hell with it' and pre-ordered a PS5. I have the money to buy an RTX 3080. I don't have the money to buy it at 3x its MRSP (scalpers). The PS5 costs way less, and at least Sony provides updates and numbers (they plan to ship 2-3 million per month (roughly) to resolve current stock shortages). NVIDIA has shown how little Fs they give about us by letting Bitcoin miners move to the front of the line as well as devoting production capacity to the laptop GPUs (overpriced and less powerful) instead of the PC RTX 3080 GPUs.
Gacha_Husky 0.0
Gacha_Husky 0.0 Prije 4 dana
If your from Fnaf Here: 22:07 ✨
*Make enough cards for gamers to buy them instead of fuhking miners or get the fuhkn hell outa my face!!!!*
Azhureus Prije 4 dana
No point, gonna be Out of Stock anyways.
reddingo213 Prije 5 dana
me coming back to this video just to play the first 13 minutes
Davy Rana
Davy Rana Prije 20 sati
Do you happen to know the names of the songs
M Katmandu
M Katmandu Prije 5 dana
Nice paper launch, but Recently, experts from the University of Oxford have verified that the human eye is not able to see more than one gpu in stock at the same time.
kiki kiks
kiki kiks Prije 6 dana
LoL Nvidia 3060 with 12GB VRam... are you joking... Poor Nvidia 3080 users.... :) F.... me
Kanishk Mewal
Kanishk Mewal Prije 6 dana
Me searching after watching this : "Maybe you're a wizard" 😂
Livaco Prije 4 dana
@Kanishk Mewal damn.
Kanishk Mewal
Kanishk Mewal Prije 4 dana
@Livaco I know righttt!!! I just can't find it I've tried so hard
Livaco Prije 5 dana
Please tell me you found it please im desperate
Jose Trochez
Jose Trochez Prije 6 dana
Nice, another worthless announcement to imaginary cards. .!..
baba yaga
baba yaga Prije 7 dana
This guy can easily feature in one of the resident evil games
AD Somnia
AD Somnia Prije 7 dana
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit Prije 7 dana
I’m surprised this video is still in stock
SickNick08 Prije 8 dana
all the salty people here lol
Mik3FifaHD Prije 8 dana
Anybody know the name of any of these songs at the start?
Scalpers - giving miners bjs.
Jon Mondragon
Jon Mondragon Prije 8 dana
Joe Chip
Joe Chip Prije 8 dana
More vapourware. Cheers.
Ryuk D Gami
Ryuk D Gami Prije 8 dana
No 3050:")
Pro CLAN 84
Pro CLAN 84 Prije 8 dana
Frank Stahl
Frank Stahl Prije 8 dana
Yeah, great features -- at least on paper. In the mean time this guy should explain to me how to actually get my hands on a RTX3080 in THIS reality instead of selling these cards to bots and bitcoin miners by the thousands. Thanks for nothing Nvidia!
Darren Sample
Darren Sample Prije 8 dana
I would rarther them do a vidio with some home truths and say. We cant get the wafers to build gpus so we are cobling together pointlessly under powerd ones with our remaining wafer scrap. And slapping a load of ram on in the form of a 3060 and hope somone buys them. But dont worry guys there will be some 3080s in September 👍. Embaressing
Real Prije 8 dana
"we know these products are hard to find" ... *Meanwhile Geoff keighley: rtx 5080 hands on.
Untouchable_Human Prije 8 dana
when is the re-zise (smart access) coming with the nvidia driver update?
Tony Ford
Tony Ford Prije 8 dana
So the 3060 will have 12gbs or VRAM but my 3080 has 10?
Mindseas Prije 8 dana
For such a breakthrough product, it sure seems even Nvidia has difficulty displaying one of the 30 series cards in the video. All the tech is really cool, including the laptops once Zen2+ is in the mix, and I look forward to the updates and more games supporting RTX, but a single line acknowledgement of availability issues isn't very reassuring.
Ronnie Banerjee
Ronnie Banerjee Prije 8 dana
So disappointing... 3060 is probably the most disappointing card of this generation, nvidia somehow managed to wreck it's most popular segment. 🤦‍♂️
Expo SUN
Expo SUN Prije 8 dana
Dk Games
Dk Games Prije 8 dana
Your graphics card available in black market please stop black market if possible
ferdinand good
ferdinand good Prije 8 dana
Типичная инвидия тупа разводилово на бабло , купили 3070- 3080 это уже борахло тупа видео памяти мало , за то у 3060 ее 12 гиг ....
David Andrei
David Andrei Prije 8 dana
Nvidia: launch rtx 3090 Me: Time to buy gtx 1080ti
Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049)
Vishal Shukla (RA1811027020049) Prije 8 dana
watching this on my all amd laptop lol
Vincent Prije 8 dana
"We don't have enough capacity to fulfill demand for desktop chips... so let's start making laptop chips too."
Daniel C
Daniel C Prije 3 dana
Maybe it's cos they think they can sell it at a higher profit to us...
qBitTorrent Prije 8 dana
Song in the beginning anyone?
I need to know to
Denki Prije 8 dana
Reflex has been a hit?! Lol. Causes micro-stutter in almost all games. 3000 series makes a lot of games unplayable because of its bad drivers. Stuttering. Frame skipping. Crashes. Both my 3090 and 3080 are performing worse than my 2080ti’s. It’s just as bad as at launch. I still game more on my 2080ti pc’s on my 3000s pc’s. Do NOT buy a 3000 yet.
Nibblesnarf Games
Nibblesnarf Games Prije 8 dana
got a prebuilt for 2k with the 3080 and i'm fukin loving it.
Akshat Dubey
Akshat Dubey Prije 8 dana
But rtx are very costly
Gamobolical Prije 8 dana
My Kidney is Ready
George Thomas
George Thomas Prije 8 dana
Son: Dad did ya find any RTX30 cards? Dad: Nope, don't worry I hear they're on track to have a whole bunch available come 2030. Hopefully we can score one before covid does us in.
No such thing as COVID. Its a lieing trojan horse to create the sht world order. Other than that ur prety much on point.
YoungDuck484 Prije 8 dana
how about... instead of investing in ads, invest in getting more stock so you can keep selling? just a thought
SquallRinoa89 Prije 8 dana
No 3080 Ti... WTF?
Nicolas Gerlero
Nicolas Gerlero Prije 8 dana
I just want to be able to buy a gpu
Moregarrettpls Prije 8 dana
Alex Annis
Alex Annis Prije 8 dana
I'll just stay with my 2060 for now, I was lucky just get that last year.
Gus Ngregg
Gus Ngregg Prije 8 dana
6 to 8 games is now industry standard...
Chris E
Chris E Prije 8 dana
That’s time of my life I’m not getting back :(
Ted Nilsson
Ted Nilsson Prije 8 dana
Why does a 3060 get 12gb but a 3080 only has 10gb?
Zakynthos Prije 8 dana
excellent video
Joshua Woodard
Joshua Woodard Prije 8 dana
Who cares. They will never be in stock anyway.
Priya Jain
Priya Jain Prije 9 dana
❇तुम्हारे 🤔खयालो से 🍃फुरसत नहीं 💐मिलती, ♨ 🌻एक पल के 💮लिए हमें 🌸राहत नहीं 🍀मिलती, 🌷 🍁यु तो सब🌿 कुछ हमारे 💏पास है, ❤ 💝बस देखने 👀के लिए आप 👈की सूरत 👤नहीं मिलती… 💖💖💖
Shashwat Verma
Shashwat Verma Prije 4 dana
Yee Kya , A Girl Watching Nvidia Gaming Channel ....?
mahmoud basha
mahmoud basha Prije 9 dana
Where are the time stamps !!!!!
Monte Ryan
Monte Ryan Prije 9 dana
swear I better be able to get 3060
Sam R
Sam R Prije 9 dana
Surprise It's OUT OF STOCK
Philip Park
Philip Park Prije 9 dana
Is this kind of early April fool's video? Cannot understand them as THE MAJOR video gaming product seller.
Nich Eva
Nich Eva Prije 9 dana
Shame no one's made any decent games for the last decade. As long as the mainstream gets their flashy graphics though...
ENDER360Hz Prije 9 dana
Ah I was holding off for a 3080ti Jensen! Please mail to my home address
Generic Name
Generic Name Prije 9 dana
Eli Loves To Game
Eli Loves To Game Prije 9 dana
out of stock out of stock out of stock out of stock
T. N.
T. N. Prije 9 dana
17:05 did u jus say 3060 "tai" ? Yur the senior vp and u dont even know your products and its pronounciation smh.
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo Prije 9 dana
i exist
i exist Prije 9 dana
Kévin Desarthe
Kévin Desarthe Prije 9 dana
and where are GPU now ! shame on you nvidia . blablabla best year of gpu blablabla, HEHO we are here ! wake up !
Kyss Prije 9 dana
EyesOfByes Prije 9 dana
17:05 Did he just say *tie* ??
Blender Study
Blender Study Prije 9 dana
When are they going to available for purchase?
Mikel Boland
Mikel Boland Prije 9 dana
I would have considered a NVIDIA powered GPU until NVIDIA dropped support for my GPU at the 5 year mark. I have older laptops with AMD chips that still get driver updates. With the number of of serious security patches they just released I would have hoped they might have considered extending those updates to the 880 line. Makes me not want to drop a couple of grand on a laptop if the GPU has a hard driver limit expiration.
Jojo Mendoza
Jojo Mendoza Prije 9 dana
3050 please
I did this for reddit
I did this for reddit Prije 9 dana
please comment here why tf anyone would use raytracing in fortnite
Dlones Prije 9 dana
60 fps boost on DLSS performance. Yeah, it's cool, but I wish my game would not look like a grainy mess. Even quality mode makes everything look so horrible in Cyberpunk.
Frostwarp Prije 9 dana
I'm still here with my 960 lol
Smoggless Prije 9 dana
I love Nvidia for making it like this. It almost feels like a Nintendo Direct now.
Ichigo Ah
Ichigo Ah Prije 9 dana
Just so bad... 12 GB for 3060 xDDDD
Can 152
Can 152 Prije 9 dana
Fortnite best Battle Royale ❤️
Hal 9K
Hal 9K Prije 9 dana
Who else remembered NVIDIA FaceWorks? =) "I've ordered a yogurt parfait and the whole parfait was fruit! Frozen fruit! There was no yogurt! It supposed to be half fruit and half yogurt, but the whole thing was the frozen fruit!" Yeah-yeah... we believe nVidia don't sell 3080 to miners from the back door anymore =)))))) Recommended prices? No I've never heard of it at our stock =))))) What's this livestream is about - broken dreams that dreamers had after series 30 presentation in 2020 arrived in 2021 seasoned with more promises. Quit believing all marketing sht from developers and sellers. Stay calm, watch, read, wait, monitor the market and then make your own balanced point of view of what is show off and what is reality.
ConstanceWhenever Prije 9 dana
He just keeps bragging about things that are terrible.
Adam Knapp
Adam Knapp Prije 9 dana
how is the 3060 going to get over 60 fps at 1440 with dlss and rtx on when my 3090 barely does?
Henrique Bitencourt
Henrique Bitencourt Prije 9 dana
cyberpunk number 1 rpg...LOL
bask134 Prije 9 dana
Out of stock...
Lazy Bunny
Lazy Bunny Prije 9 dana
una miegda
Pinkie Miller
Pinkie Miller Prije 9 dana
21:58 for the other fnaf fans that just want five nights at freddy's news
i exist
i exist Prije 9 dana
This was a tech test
GABDRONE Prije 9 dana
Waitt ?? Where i's fortnite mobile ?!!!
Katomic Comics
Katomic Comics Prije 9 dana
Nobody: Nvidia: “is your GTX 1060 too weak now? Buy this new one that doesn’t exist”
Katomic Comics
Katomic Comics Prije 9 dana
I can’t for the next two generations of GPUs to come out so the prices of the 30 series lowers and the stock increases.
DasJev Prije 9 dana
lame, also wtf "RT on 1060" like thx for using that in your graphs but not allowing RT in any 10XX series card. Then showing 3060 with RT BUT ALSO WITH DLSS which basically means they could have run the game at 360x640 or lower and pretend "UH YEAH 60FPS". On the real CES nvidia probably wouldn´t even got a boot with this presentation, hope AMD is better in some minutes
Ordie 79
Ordie 79 Prije 9 dana
It amazes me they are coming out with new stuff and people haven't been able to get the last stuff...
Ordie 79
Ordie 79 Prije 9 dana
This is so awesome!! The Bit coin miners are going to love these new products!!! So happy for them!
They can burn in hell!!!
MAGNOM LIMAN Prije 9 dana
man the amd losers are toxic in the chatt. sad ppl.
Aziz N
Aziz N Prije 9 dana
what is this garbage??!
Patrick Deegan
Patrick Deegan Prije 9 dana
“30% faster than ps5” “Starting at $999” K
mdiebold85 Prije 9 dana
Well I guess the hype about 3080 TI being released today was a bust. This 3090 purchase is looking better everyday lol
Divinii - Restaurant Discovery Platform
Divinii - Restaurant Discovery Platform Prije 9 dana
*Professor X showing off the technology that powers his Cerebro*
Divinii - Restaurant Discovery Platform
Divinii - Restaurant Discovery Platform Prije 8 dana
@Jason H xD ty kind sir
Jason H
Jason H Prije 8 dana
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Prije 9 dana
Awesome and perfect😀.
Greg Smith
Greg Smith Prije 9 dana
Were gonna need more of a reason why you let scalpers get all your cards and charge $2500 for the 3090.
Jason Inman
Jason Inman Prije 9 dana
This is just for their shareholders
Inga Mgoduka
Inga Mgoduka Prije 9 dana
Lets hope they have ARM CPU this time.
Chris M
Chris M Prije 9 dana
I recognize this guy from **every infomercial in the 90s**
jlgroovetek Prije 9 dana
Just how bad is the stock situation globally I wonder. I don't mean to offend, but many people are complaining after jumping onto their favourite online retailer and not being able to get one, but there is stock if you aren't bothered necessarily with a particular brand or model. I bought an MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 on Amazon just randomly a month ago and then an Aorus Xtreme 3080 a week later. Limited stock does show up. 3070's and 3060Ti's have more than enough availability.
idk Prije 9 dana
Whats the 1st song they play 0:05
Mentor Arash
Mentor Arash Prije 9 dana
Still can't even find a 3080 in stock smh
Colton Bucholz
Colton Bucholz Prije 9 dana
I’ve been on the waitlist for a 3080 Ever since October I’m still waiting and yet they’re announcing new product when they can’t for fill orders for the ones they already announced ridiculous I’m switching to AMD
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