The Biggest Game Releases January 2021

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Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for tuning in once again to our video series letting you know what games are releasing this month! Check out this video to find out when you can play games such as, Hitman 3, Encodya, The Medium, Bladed Fury, and more. January is a light month compared to the last couple months, but there's still some good stuff coming up!
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wardope Prije dan
I have this rule. that if a game has gotten a release date and then postponed more than once I will not touch the game.
Gonzo Lonzo
Gonzo Lonzo Prije 4 dana
I just want the xcynderblock series x to fail
Nick Janse
Nick Janse Prije 9 dana
i think they put the wrong video captures during editing..
stripe801 Prije 10 dana
The medium... that is aLL
Matt Rosenberg
Matt Rosenberg Prije 10 dana
That fly game better have a Pence head level
RevolveR Prije 10 dana
I've been playing "2021 is way better than 2020" in my head
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Prije 12 dana
Lazy not to include time stamps.
Mark Black
Mark Black Prije 12 dana
I'm restarting Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Xbox Series X and loving the "Quick Resume" feature.
MADE IN DADE45 Prije 12 dana
2020 still lingering in these releases
Super Animeniac. Ultimate Attack!!
Super Animeniac. Ultimate Attack!! Prije 12 dana
0:08 wha is this game?
Caleb Riordan
Caleb Riordan Prije 12 dana
Not looking too exciting
Siddharth Kadam
Siddharth Kadam Prije 13 dana
Where's GTA 6?
Micquan Dawson
Micquan Dawson Prije 13 dana
I’m still playing immortals pheynx rising
Corpito Prije 13 dana
looking forward to Atelier Ryza 2
Nighthawk7x20 Prije 13 dana
So the first time going through this I literally forgot everything because everything was going so fast. I was like "wow there's a lot of games to buy...." after watching again I found out I didn't care about anything but the medium and that's on game pass so.... saves me money
TheGavalanche Prije 13 dana
Tired of hearing Troy Baker 😅
oohrann Prije 13 dana
The sequel to the hit game ‘the medium’, The big
JAMSKI29 Prije 13 dana
Chrono cross please!
Totto Land
Totto Land Prije 13 dana
Just discovered a new and beneficial YT series. Liked.
Tsai Prije 13 dana
who said 2021 will be better than 2020 lol, it might be worst.
Personal Persona
Personal Persona Prije 13 dana
Life of Fly is on Xbox and PlayStation too, not just Switch.
Øctane - اوكتين
Øctane - اوكتين Prije 13 dana
You cant play the medium on xbox s wtf 🙂
BilIngual Prije 13 dana
actually if im not mistaken everspace 2 comes out as early access on January
R7venger Prije 13 dana
need a timestamp pls
Mr Guy
Mr Guy Prije 13 dana
In all my life i never thought i’d hear “neo berlin”
RickGV Prije 13 dana
Who else came here from trying to click read more on the community post...
ZoMBiE Prije 13 dana
Biggest game ? Mh rise demo !
Demoind Prije 13 dana
January 29 RE:ZERO
Link Adrian
Link Adrian Prije 13 dana
tremendo el delay de la voz
Mervyn Legard
Mervyn Legard Prije 13 dana
The guys mouth movement makes me uncomfortable
orchy 123
orchy 123 Prije 13 dana
Nothing special
frankie mcmillan
frankie mcmillan Prije 13 dana
Scott pilgrim comes out the 14
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Prije 13 dana
Excited for Elite Odyssey in April
LordFishCake666 Prije 13 dana
i don't know what's more annoying the fact that the voice is not synced or how u talk so fast u reminded me of the gem guy from adventure time, the guy that explains multiverses lol
The Sorrow
The Sorrow Prije 14 dana
do u want hear a joke stadia
Synthwave Prije 14 dana
Games i planned to play Scott pilgrim vs the world the game complete edition FNaF the core collection
Leon Ashwell
Leon Ashwell Prije 14 dana
Soooo.. nothing then.
PARANDROID Prije 14 dana
Absolutely hilarious. But all for the wrong reasons.
pizza killer
pizza killer Prije 15 dana
Yo January might be slow but Hitman 3 though
Life of Agony N.Y.H.C
Life of Agony N.Y.H.C Prije 15 dana
I'm so excited for GTA 6. Only 2 more weeks
Steven K
Steven K Prije 15 dana
Finished Cyberpunk on Christmas, finishing Yakuza 7, then I'm going to check out Fenyx Rising and AC Valhalla.
Joel Valdez
Joel Valdez Prije 15 dana
Abdullah Ayyaz
Abdullah Ayyaz Prije 16 dana
Well nothing that interesting definitely gonna save my money for February’s nioh 2 remastered
rogayah abdul rahman
rogayah abdul rahman Prije 16 dana
You forgot scott pilgrim dude
Dwemer Prije 17 dana
You missed Gods will Fall on Jan. 29
D Prije 17 dana
What games I'm playing this month? Maneater!
WYv3R Prije 17 dana
Slow down and breath!
Dont-be Evil
Dont-be Evil Prije 17 dana
out of sync camera shot
Noon Prije 18 dana
Preordered Hitman III Like 2 days ago because I completely loved The 2016 Hitman and watching this video i sorta impulse buyed Hitman II So i think January is just me playing Hitman all day which is sweet
1 BIT Gaming
1 BIT Gaming Prije 18 dana
Fact : Cyberpunk 2077 can be playable on 2077's pc 😂😂🤣🤣
Tilden Gold
Tilden Gold Prije 18 dana
nobody: INTRO: *i only used 1% of my power*
Kay L
Kay L Prije 19 dana
Just got Valhalla for Christmas and still playin that
alex hiras
alex hiras Prije 19 dana
stop talking tooo fast!!!
Roger Chapa
Roger Chapa Prije 20 dana
so nothing
Ryan Radersma
Ryan Radersma Prije 20 dana
this is why you dont edit a video over remote desktop
Luis A.
Luis A. Prije 20 dana
老子 Prije 20 dana
All garbages
chakkra69 Prije 20 dana
I had no idea of the existence of that Hellish Quart game. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
Adem Tumerkan
Adem Tumerkan Prije 20 dana
Too bad Hitman 3 is going to be an epic store exclusive - what a shame, was looking forward to it.
Shad DOUIDA Prije 20 dana
Catwoman PS5 🙏🙏🙏👍😃😃😃👍
Shad DOUIDA Prije 20 dana
Batman Darkest Night PS5 👍👍😃😃👍🙏🙏🦇🦇🦇🦇
rummers Prije 20 dana
You forgot about CyberPunk: Finished Edition, including textures, character models and a frames to name a few
rummers Prije 20 dana
@Fascist Shrek ikr
Fascist Shrek
Fascist Shrek Prije 20 dana
CyberPunk: what are frames?
Manny Jean Pierre
Manny Jean Pierre Prije 20 dana
Love this series. Thanx Max. Appreciate the work and effort
Dark Tower
Dark Tower Prije 21 dan
Audio out of sync...
DJ Prije 21 dan
Forest gift shrooms of course and I’m talking about truffles. Grain of salt
E. Javemi
E. Javemi Prije 21 dan
Cool Star Wars tee.
Diego Apaza
Diego Apaza Prije 21 dan
Happy New Year 2021,games coming soon! Upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
Ivan Salinas Palacios
Ivan Salinas Palacios Prije 21 dan
Wait... Scott Pilgrim The Video Game was supposed to come out in january, isn't
1983Dave1983 Prije 21 dan
The Medium & Hitman 3 😁
Charlotte Kitty
Charlotte Kitty Prije 21 dan
What is the song in the background?
Sree Ved Soma
Sree Ved Soma Prije 21 dan
u forgot prince of persia sands of time remake
香港和台灣和澳門67立刻死亡 Prije 21 dan
Just left something in my Twitter. Invite everyone look .
lorenzo di stefano
lorenzo di stefano Prije 21 dan
CrossfadeD7 Prije 21 dan
Learn how to pronounce Märchen. Hint: It's definitely not like merchant.
NsarrGamer Prije 21 dan
The biggest of all 2020: *Remake*
T B Prije 21 dan
Oh no Troy Baker has done voice work on game which isn't multi plat or a PS exclusive.. suddenly we are sick of hearing him!
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Prije 21 dan
Does everyone at ign have a ps5 already?
Trueflame197 Prije 13 dana
I have a ps5
Aram Tapacian
Aram Tapacian Prije 21 dan
Anyone knows if "Ys IX-Monstrum Nox" it's coming in January or February?
ToxicSchadow :
ToxicSchadow : Prije 21 dan
I hope were get news January for Dying Light 2
Kunal Pawar
Kunal Pawar Prije 21 dan
Nice to see Gohan working with IGN.
Sreenanda N
Sreenanda N Prije 21 dan
I'm soo excited about medium the music is from akira. already pre ordered
Justin Jeanjohn
Justin Jeanjohn Prije 21 dan
Where's Sidney the very hot snow bunny??
Hadid Amshah
Hadid Amshah Prije 21 dan
The medium and Hitman 3 baby
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed Prije 21 dan
Finally...2020 is gone
Hamza Noor
Hamza Noor Prije 21 dan
if you want to but apex coins then ill give you on 50% off and also any game on origin or Ant Call Of Duty game upto 50% off
Вячеслав Лисицын
Вячеслав Лисицын Prije 21 dan
Medium looks interesting
ACanadian Prije 21 dan
A new bushido blade would be awesome...not that though.shame.
Durga Das Chakroborty
Durga Das Chakroborty Prije 21 dan
My Favourite Game is Red Dead Redemption 2...Pls comment your favourite
Durga Das Chakroborty
Durga Das Chakroborty Prije 21 dan
Hitman 3 😃😃😃😅
Andre de Jager
Andre de Jager Prije 21 dan
Not a single proper next gen game; but fear not - all the games that look the most enjoyable to me are almost retro 🤣
chowst123 Prije 21 dan
What about Prince of Persia the sands of time remake?
chowst123 Prije 16 dana
@NickBLeaveIt Wait what, why?
NickBLeaveIt Prije 16 dana
That was delayed to March.
Adhitya Saputra
Adhitya Saputra Prije 21 dan
Im interesting for The Pedestrian 😊
TALKSiiCK Prije 21 dan
Have feeling the medium will flop it’s free on game pass and it’s true series x exclusive just sadly seeing it do bad Hope I’m wrong
Optamizm Prije 20 dana
@TALKSiiCK, no worries.
TALKSiiCK Prije 20 dana
@Optamizm damn thank u for letting me know
Optamizm Prije 20 dana
@TALKSiiCK, I think a lot of people are thinking that, but it's not. I still hope it's a great game though, but yeah, it's a puzzle game, not a third person horror game.
TALKSiiCK Prije 20 dana
@Optamizm I thought it be like evil within
Optamizm Prije 20 dana
@TALKSiiCK, a puzzle game can still be highly rated. I just think some people don't realise it's a puzzle game.
Joe Collazo
Joe Collazo Prije 21 dan
If these are the biggest releases for 2021 were fckn doomed.
Dylan Velez
Dylan Velez Prije 21 dan
It's the medium for me. Might get Hitman too but idk, I don't think it's my type of game because generally I don't like strategic games or slow paced games.
Optamizm Prije 20 dana
You realise The Medium is a puzzle game, right? Puzzle games are slow paced games.
Nabil P
Nabil P Prije 21 dan
Too fast ! Take your time dude
Br br
Br br Prije 21 dan
Who is speaking here?
Santiago Morón
Santiago Morón Prije 21 dan
Biggest game release: Ps4 Cyberpunk
Hugo Ramos
Hugo Ramos Prije 21 dan
I got back into Avengers and their glitched trophies..... fun, but i want my trophies!!!
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Prije 20 dana
Me too.
J S Prije 21 dan
I hate dubbed videos
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