The Mandalorian Season 3: Why The Darksaber Is Key To The War for Mandalore | Star Wars Canon Fodder

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Hang on to your beskar! The Mandalorian Season 2 has wrapped and thanks to The Book of Boba Fett, it might be a while before we see him and Grogu again but it's never too late to look ahead. When the live-action Star Wars series wrapped its sophomore season on Disney Plus with The Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin, wielding the legendary Darksaber.

According to legend, that means he's now the rightful ruler of Mandalore, which could be a problem for Bo Katan Kryze, who is hellbent on restoring Mandalore to its former glory. Will Bo Katan be forced to fight Din Djarin? Will he care enough now that Grogu is off training with Luke Skywalker? Join IGN host Max Scoville as he breaks down The Mandalorian Season 2 finale. This is the way!

The Mandalorian Season 2 trailer promised nonstop action and the full season delivered. The Mandalorian Season 2 gave fans lots of reasons to be excited about Star Wars. Theory videos like IGN'S Star Wars Canon Fodder predicted that Little Baby Grogu (a.k.a. The Child, a.k.a. Baby Yoda) might be trained by legendary Jedi/citizen Ahsoka Tano, though she quickly and unknowingly passed The Child off on another legendary Force-wielder. During the full season of The Mandalorian. Luke Skywalker appeared as well, to protect Baby Yoda (a.k.a. The Child) and carry him off to train to become a Jedi.

Meanwhile, Din Djarin could be on his way to becoming one of the most important characters in all of Star Wars. The Mandalorian It's a dark saber, it's The Mandalorian Darksaber! Perhaps hunting one of the most sought-after blades in all of Star Wars, Darksaber seekers know the weapon will rally other Mandalorians to their cause. The Mandalorian reaction to the fact that Din Djarin now wields the weapon will be interesting to watch when The Mandalorian Season 3 drops in 2021. Dank ferrick!
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Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez Prije 4 dana
There needs to be a boba Fett or mando RPG game that If made right, would be incredible.
chief Cook
chief Cook Prije 5 dana
I think it would be interesting if Din and Bo booked up
Commander Apollo
Commander Apollo Prije 6 dana
the darksaber is not mandos. let me explain. i am going to skip to darth maul. darth maul was defeated by ahsoka and palpatine in the clone wars but palpatine defeated maul before ahsoka did on mandalore. the ownership would have then gone to palpiten even though he did not take it. years later darth vader kills palpatine and tickly luke killed darth by taking off his mask so the dark sabe rightfully belongs to luke unless i am forgetting anyone
HopOnTheHype Prije 9 dana
Mando is going to be the leader, he won't ask for it, but he'll be right for it, that is the way.
Cardo Richard
Cardo Richard Prije 11 dana
The Darksaber is the key because... this is the way.
Braxdon johnson
Braxdon johnson Prije 11 dana
9.1 out of 10. it has a little something for everyone
masterimbecile Prije 11 dana
He has spoken.
DarthVarun Prije 12 dana
what was the music that was playing at the beginning of the video?
Krunoslav Duga
Krunoslav Duga Prije 12 dana
The solution is very simple, Mando can just marry Boka Tan and then she can wield his Saber anyway she wants...
Enrique Paredes Pinel
Enrique Paredes Pinel Prije 12 dana
Why Bokatan accepted the from that chick and can't accept it from Mando?
Melvin Sinatra
Melvin Sinatra Prije 12 dana
I thought the show is finished when he returned Grogu, but getting a season 3 is also pretty dope.
God Prije 12 dana
I want a Chirrut Imwe movie!
TheSharperCoder Blog
TheSharperCoder Blog Prije 12 dana
Grogu was a McGffin, which has been replaced by the Darksaber. In time, the Darksaber will be destroyed and replaced by new McGuffin.
Neojin Prije 12 dana
Personally i think the mandalorian shouldn't have a season 3, it was a perfect self-contained story that ended beautifully. Just leave it alone now. Do you really want more? What more do you want?
S1ck0 Prije 12 dana
Im pretty sure Grogu might be one of the many jedi Kylo ren slaughters on luke’s island
Battleaxe Gaming
Battleaxe Gaming Prije 13 dana
Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 I upload gaming related videos but my channel isnt growing😔
Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker Prije 13 dana
I'm thinking about "liberating" some from the bank.
foxroano9t Prije 13 dana
Sabine gives Bo Katan the Dark Saber, Din tries to give dark saber to Bo katan. How did Moff get it? From Bo Katan? Someone else?
AsmallChicken Prije 13 dana
Din: I dun wan it. Bo Katan is mah queen
Your Mom's Tits
Your Mom's Tits Prije 13 dana
"Dark saber" sounds soo corny.
John Lazos
John Lazos Prije 13 dana
I'm not well steeped in Star Wars canon, but crazy idea: Rather than perpetuate a Mandalorian civil war, will Din destroy the dark saber? Remove the temptation to let "distributing swords" remain the basis for Madalore's system of government? (Reply if you get the reference >
DanFarrell98 Prije 13 dana
It’s going to be rough if we have to wait 2 years to see Din and Grogu again
Aryan Dey
Aryan Dey Prije 13 dana
I really think re taking Mandalore is gonna be a epic finale, Thrawn having his fleet their maybe?
elan plotkin
elan plotkin Prije 13 dana
Because it's the only only question that wasn't answered by the finale, although we'll probably see more of baby yoda
Iron Will
Iron Will Prije 13 dana
you didn't say "i have spoken" disappointed
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson Prije 13 dana
Stop talking so fast.
Bry Bry
Bry Bry Prije 13 dana
I have spoken.
Hartono Susilo
Hartono Susilo Prije 13 dana
*Duel to death to earn darksaber Bo Katan: 😏💪 *Marry Din Djarin to earn darksaber Bo Katan: 🤷🤦
Mad Synonym
Mad Synonym Prije 13 dana
Prediction Time: Grogu wasn't killed by Kylo Ren they will use him to show what happens after the Rise of Skywalker. I feel like whats they are doing, making the new movies better by showing how we got there and then later what will com after.
The Troll Patrol
The Troll Patrol Prije 13 dana
Nathaniel Matthews
Nathaniel Matthews Prije 13 dana
Wait then how could Sabine just give her the saber but Din cannot???
Jarrett J.
Jarrett J. Prije 13 dana
So no NG+ huh?
Jesse B. Gill
Jesse B. Gill Prije 13 dana
I think Bo Katan is gonna force Din Djarin to kill her even though he doesn’t want to
Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror.
Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror. Prije 13 dana
I doubt that. She wants the throne. She doesn't care about honor but other Mandalorians do...
KahosSaint Prije 13 dana
Stay in your own lane IGN.
X- -X
X- -X Prije 13 dana
Make KOTOR canon!
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez Prije 13 dana
Bro 1:30 don’t speak so damn fast I’m trying to understand
YOURMOM-206- Prije 13 dana
The Orphan who became
I'm a depressed bungee gum
I'm a depressed bungee gum Prije 13 dana
Hah that lady was drinking slurp juice
Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell Prije 13 dana
Really don't need season 3. Season 2 ended perfectly.
SunSon29 Prije 13 dana
I watch S1. But not S2
Antonio Rodriguez
Antonio Rodriguez Prije 13 dana
Matto Prije 13 dana
Well the darksaber was pretty much the only thing left open at the end of season 2 so pretty obvious IGN
Dartagnan James
Dartagnan James Prije 13 dana
So who currently holds Mandalore? The Empire? Everyone acts surprised that they're still around, but they still hold Mandalore?
Manuel Alejandro
Manuel Alejandro Prije 13 dana
@Dartagnan James we still have a couple of shows and seasons to find that out :) My best guess is that the big baddie behind everything is Thrawn either by himself or as the leader of the Empire remnant/First Order, and the culminating conflict of not only The Mandalorian but also all the other shows is taking back Mandalore.
Dartagnan James
Dartagnan James Prije 13 dana
@Manuel Alejandro So who is she liberating it from? She wants to take back Mandalore, it's been implied to be uninhabited multiple times and the Empire is thought to be gone. Is she fighting the New Republic?
Manuel Alejandro
Manuel Alejandro Prije 13 dana
No. What we have is that the Empire couldn't hold Mandalore so they decided to blast it. The common knowledge is that they left it uninhabitable, though Bo Katan suggested otherwise. This could mean that either the planet is in absolute chaos or there are some Imperial remnants hiding behind the excuse of destruction
Maphazar Prije 13 dana
2 years maybe more for season 3... cry.
pk0435 Prije 13 dana
They said production will start on season 3 after production ends on Boba, not that it starts after Boba airs.
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson
Jeremy JMIAH Williamson Prije 13 dana
[4:23] DUDE... do you NOT REALIZE that EVERY BOUNTY HUNTER IN THE GALAXY WAS NOT ON JABBA'S SAIL BARGE?!!! How dumb do you gotta be to understand that?!!!? geez!! you fans are WAY TOO ABSOLUTE with things sometimes... if you havent seen something in the movies or whatever, then you automatically think it doesnt exist!! IT IS A BIG GALAXY AND LOTS WAS GOING ON IN IT!!
Aness Amer
Aness Amer Prije 13 dana
Well it was said that all of the shows would come together in a ‘’climatic story event’’. That could be the war for Mandalore. But I think that Grogu will become the leader of all Mandalorians. He might become a Mandalorian.
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett Prije 13 dana
This Is The Way!!
Banana Tiger
Banana Tiger Prije 13 dana
The darksaber is the key to all of this, its a funnier character than we've ever had before.
ThatGuyCanmanNC Prije 13 dana
Why is everyone talking about season 3? Its not coming
Subway Prije 4 dana
So u didnt see the video? 3:28
FunTube Vloggt Hurensohn McCartney
FunTube Vloggt Hurensohn McCartney Prije 13 dana
Tf are you talking about? Jon Favreau literally confirmed Season 3?
envy. Prije 13 dana
Not gunna lie that thumbnail picture is pretty badass looking
Cyber Flame
Cyber Flame Prije 13 dana
Mandalore is definitely the final battleground
Evil Ducks
Evil Ducks Prije 13 dana
Mando season 3 is coming out right after the book of boba fett in early 2022. Jon said that production for mando S3 starts after the PRODUCTION of book of boba fett, NOT after the show releases.
yashaleo N
yashaleo N Prije 13 dana
Jesus, he wasn't kidding when he said 'real quick recap'! I thought I had left the Playback Speed on 1.5 again. 1st two mins of video were a blur 👍🏼😁
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas Prije 13 dana
Hope nothing bad happens to Grogu since we all know what happens in Luke’s Jedi temple.
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas Prije 13 dana
If Tython, homeworld of the Jedi, exists, than does this mean Korriban is now part of the Star Wars universe?
Just a Knight
Just a Knight Prije 13 dana
They made it call Moraband in the Clone Wars, so it's canon that way...
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas Prije 13 dana
@Rahsaan Footman Then there is a chance we can explore more of the Sith.
Rahsaan Footman
Rahsaan Footman Prije 13 dana
It should be since it was setting for an episode in Clone Wars and Rebels.
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas Prije 13 dana
I’m glad that Robert Rodriguez make Boba more badass in the Tragedy episode.
Ylendeth Prije 13 dana
Isn't WW1984 Mandalorian Season 3? Mando went mad when he gave Grogu to Luke right?
Antonio Alexander Adams
Antonio Alexander Adams Prije 13 dana
I'm actually kinda over the Darksaber. I feel like the main Mando's(The ones who care about it) are shackled by it. To busy looking towards the past on what the Darksaber meant then instead of being focused on the future and what they could be building. I get most of the main clans need "something like" the Darksaber to rally behind with its history and prestige but try looking at where you're at. Majority of Mandalorians are split, your planet is in a state of ????, and you really have no future as a whole. Time to let the pass go and join together to forage forward. Also stop having civil wars cause that lead to all this.
Kaiser Ritter
Kaiser Ritter Prije 13 dana who's the leader then??🤷‍♂️
A.J Thomas
A.J Thomas Prije 13 dana
A few things I wanted to see in season 3: - Mara Jade (Luke’s wife and former Emperor’s Hand) comes as a canon character - Dash Rendar and his Outrider (from Shadows of the Empire) - New Worlds to explore - Din learns more about the Watch - Civil War that ravaged Mandalore - Flashbacks of how Kid Din became who he is - Bo Katan act as a somewhat mento to the Mandalorian - more iconic bounty hunters
melodicspectrum Prije 13 dana
This is basic knowledge to Clone Wars fans
prophet924 Prije 13 dana
Not interested in politics of dead world. So hope it’s better than that.
sako hamilton
sako hamilton Prije 13 dana
Wasn’t season2 Mandolorian the final season
sako hamilton
sako hamilton Prije 13 dana
Swore it was, well ok
ӨVΣЯDЯIVΣ Prije 13 dana
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache Prije 13 dana
The Darksaber is the key to all of this. It is the funniest weapon we have ever seen. Hopefully it will work.
- Baluta
- Baluta Prije 13 dana
People who saw clone wars: Wait isn't this common sense!?
Red-Wan Prije 13 dana
This is the way.
Michael Ha
Michael Ha Prije 13 dana
You are speaking way too fast at 1:08-1:20
Michael Ha
Michael Ha Prije 13 dana
@Clan Van Der Linde If I didn't have ears I wouldn't be complaining about him speaking too fast. Taps on head*
Clan Van Der Linde
Clan Van Der Linde Prije 13 dana
If you have ears it’s fine lmao
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic Prije 13 dana
Would love to see Canderous Ordo in action!
C11B Jones
C11B Jones Prije 13 dana
Hell yea me too!!
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin Prije 13 dana
Spoilers, from your background I can see that you are recording this from Sundari on Mandolore and since Star Wars is set a long time ago, I guess everything works out. Urg, I just nerded on myself.
akacash Prije 13 dana
Please I don’t care I just want a ps5
Francois Roy
Francois Roy Prije 13 dana
Thanks for spoiling the very existence of darksabers in the title, guys.
SourWaffles Prije 13 dana
I hope bo doesn't get it and that Din does not accept her offer.
Elibbb1111 Prije 13 dana
This is the way
Phasing Out
Phasing Out Prije 9 dana
Uh guys how do I get to 258th?
André Prije 13 dana
This is the way
Napo ツ
Napo ツ Prije 13 dana
This is the way🥸
Rat_ tyz
Rat_ tyz Prije 13 dana
This is the way
Turtle Boi
Turtle Boi Prije 13 dana
This is the way
СТРОЙКА 159 Prije 13 dana
Hello to all brothers and sisters, come to our channel, subscribe and don't forget to like and watch the new video below, thank you for crying 👍👍👍
American guy
American guy Prije 13 dana
I can’t believe that mando wore special armor that resists lightsabers and darksaber sword.
American guy
American guy Prije 13 dana
Well I thought only the legends stories feature things that resist lightsabers but in canon it featured a couple more things that resist lightsabers.
LegendaryGamer Prije 13 dana
@American guy Beskar has always done that. In the prequels, those electric staffs also resisted the lightsaber. Jango fett only dies because Windu chopped off his head right in the weak spot below the helmet.
American guy
American guy Prije 13 dana
Well this is like the first time I saw things that resist lightsabers and the darksaber.
LegendaryGamer Prije 13 dana
You are joking, right?
The Commentator
The Commentator Prije 13 dana
1° day of trying to get famous by writing comments
Kirito kun
Kirito kun Prije 13 dana
Is season 3 confirmed?
dmaster001 Prije 13 dana
Jon confirmed it in this video at 3:32.
thehighground Prije 13 dana
I’m pretty sure it was confirmed before season 2 even came out
JD C Prije 13 dana
SW: the Mandalorian Season 3 before The Book Of Boba Fett Coming on December 2021 🎄
metsallica Prije 13 dana
@MateoDeBonis it's confirmed AFTER Boba. Likely December 2022, but no official date yet.
MateoDeBonis Prije 13 dana
is this for real? season 3 is confirmed?
Bernardo Brantt Rubio
Bernardo Brantt Rubio Prije 13 dana
JogBird Prije 13 dana
so its canon that Kylo kills baby yoda right??
Lewis Hesketh
Lewis Hesketh Prije 13 dana
L Marq
L Marq Prije 13 dana
Grogu was part of the 27 ABY graduating class.
Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister Prije 13 dana
The Darksaber is not found It is Earned!
The Ostrich
The Ostrich Prije 13 dana
Prove it
The Ostrich
The Ostrich Prije 13 dana
Stop spreading false news, Jar Jar is the key.
Mario M
Mario M Prije 13 dana
Jar Jar is a Sith lord
Dungeon Eater
Dungeon Eater Prije 13 dana
Jar Jar Twinks
Worf Prije 13 dana
If we can get Jar Jar working. He's a funnier character than we've ever had before.
First Last
First Last Prije 13 dana
Meesa lovea me some Jar Jar
Ewan Callister
Ewan Callister Prije 13 dana
Din Djarin has fought with courage & with sacrifice, the virtues of a leader, a leader worthy to lead Mandalore, the Darksaber is not found, It Is Earned!
Adeo G
Adeo G Prije 13 dana
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Prije 13 dana
Dank Farek memes
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