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Welcome to 2021! In the first Daily Fix of the new year, modders add a third-person camera to Cyberpunk 2077. But download the mod with caution; the results aren't exactly polished yet. In real science news, humans may have inadvertently added a shield of radio waves around the earth, which is protecting us from bad space radiation. And if you consider yourself a Whovian, there might be bad news coming as current Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker, maybe on her way out.

IGN Prije 17 dana
What was your most-played game of 2020?
zidan Khan
zidan Khan Prije 5 dana
Free fire bc
Techie Suyash
Techie Suyash Prije 7 dana
Free Fire
Deepayan Hansda
Deepayan Hansda Prije 13 dana
stripe801 Prije 13 dana
@hydroelectric station - u ain’t Like it?
hydroelectric station -
hydroelectric station - Prije 14 dana
mortal kombat 11 unfortunately :'/
Collin Nunez
Collin Nunez Prije 7 dana
She can do no wrong. 🥰
Bongo Dongo
Bongo Dongo Prije 7 dana
Wow she is beautiful👑
Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor Prije 12 dana
The shadows make sense now.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews Prije 14 dana
wow i wish these mods were available for consoles and not just for pc’s ,hopefully one day consoles can get mods one day we can replace, the Ozone problems surrounding the earth for some kind of protection , need a protection barrier or something like you see in space movies like force fields, let the scientists figure out ways to protect the earth and the world for future generations
Eric Wright TV
Eric Wright TV Prije 14 dana
Sydnee Goodman ❤️
Shai Yastrab
Shai Yastrab Prije 14 dana
Desmond didn't need to use the Grand Temple, he just needed to text more!
JM TM Prije 15 dana
Mirror's Edge anybody?
Mack Highlights
Mack Highlights Prije 15 dana
зачотная сука
behnam rezaei
behnam rezaei Prije 15 dana
Is gonna fix A.I after update?
CutEmUp187 Prije 15 dana
stripe801 Prije 15 dana
shouLd of just been a third person game in generaL. with saints row dead we need another third person game simiLar to GTA. they pushed customization so hard so they shouLd of had both modes
Toure Evelyn
Toure Evelyn Prije 15 dana
So NASA is about to admit the Dome Theory? 🤔
Levi6859 Prije 15 dana
Welcome back
Wright Britt
Wright Britt Prije 15 dana
Spider-Man Miles Morales was my most played new of 2020 game but my most played game was NBA2k 2020!
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett Prije 15 dana
They should make an IGN Mod! It would allow them to actually put out interesting videos!
ZIYAD ZUHAIR Prije 15 dana
What's wrong with his shoulder
The Last Troopper
The Last Troopper Prije 15 dana
Stop using Judy’s pic for a click bait.
Deez Veez Vidz
Deez Veez Vidz Prije 16 dana
Lol at this point IGN is just mocking CDPR at this point 😄
Angel Vega
Angel Vega Prije 15 dana
At this point im at this point
Roman Prije 16 dana
Me watching this even tho im playing on ps4 pro...
Mahdi Mahzouni
Mahdi Mahzouni Prije 16 dana
Mod is work in progress? the whole game is work in progress
DJ Prije 16 dana
Third person looks like Luther from umbrella
Battleaxe Gaming
Battleaxe Gaming Prije 16 dana
Can i get 1 subscriber🥺 I upload gaming related videos but my channel isnt growing😔
Isaac Belser
Isaac Belser Prije 16 dana
The real question is, when You gonna "roll that thang"....?
KoolHoven Games
KoolHoven Games Prije 16 dana
this mod should never have been made, its a 1st person game not a 3rd person game, got to be up there with one of the dumbest mods for a game ive seen
OrbitX Gaming
OrbitX Gaming Prije 16 dana
IGN = In Game Noobs
Waystid Kingpin
Waystid Kingpin Prije 16 dana
Ew what game looks like this in 2021 oh yeah that’s right PlayStation 2 games
BrutalFoX ,
BrutalFoX , Prije 16 dana
dam those models and animations are those because of the game or the mod jeez
Harry Banda
Harry Banda Prije 16 dana
I've always preferred first person.
Harry Banda
Harry Banda Prije 16 dana
So this is the Daily Fix...
Michael59197 Prije 16 dana
That's what we need in Cyberpunk... Even more bugs!
mark bower jr
mark bower jr Prije 16 dana
Beautiful as always ❤️
Zood9 Prije 16 dana
Cyberpunk just go full on Bethesda i think, let the modder fix the game overtime.. That big tiddy mod maybe sooner than i thought.
Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford Prije 16 dana
We need a Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Remaster on PS5 60 Fps at 4K. It actually followed the films directly
M-roy22 Prije 16 dana
Apex Legends got the better third-person
Thaslin Naidoo
Thaslin Naidoo Prije 16 dana
So this is the daily fix she always talks about
lbpdluis Prije 16 dana
more like Cyberjunk 2077
Loosely Gaming
Loosely Gaming Prije 16 dana
human made bubble...really...
Teddy KGB
Teddy KGB Prije 16 dana
Is tucking in the front of your sweatshirt a thing?
troryANCAS Prije 16 dana
Dreaded-Flower Prije 16 dana
sad to hear- i really like jody as the doctor
Abhijith T
Abhijith T Prije 16 dana
Stop shilling for Cyberdump. It's a garbage game.
Ross Prije 16 dana
Cyberpunk is so clearly an FPS. It's your own fault messing with the formula. Maybe if people stopped bitching and moaning about the game not being like the Witcher 3...
Noxi :3c
Noxi :3c Prije 16 dana
Misleading title, my perspective about the game is still the same
MON Prije 16 dana
At first i thought that game footage near the amusement park with rollercoaster was from Hitman Blood Money, but this is Cyberpunk LOL
Edmund Mondo
Edmund Mondo Prije 16 dana
It's a Half arsed game but it's fun to play, until it gets boring!
super snake
super snake Prije 16 dana
The problem with doctor who isn't her is her companions they are pacifists weak boring and have no character.
Satch Prije 16 dana
Mods putting more work in than cd projekt red lol
MARKz 5IVE Prije 16 dana
Yo Sydnee Goodman do a topic on third person and first person perspective do environmental Graphics look better in either or
Nicktamer Prije 16 dana
That face you made is your very very very annoying gimmick that makes me want to shut the video off when you go into your overacting modus again. Stop being annoying.
Spidey Shady
Spidey Shady Prije 16 dana
Not really it won't fix PS4 our xbox one
Buftea-Roman Petre
Buftea-Roman Petre Prije 16 dana
Woow who's that beauty:O???
Isaiah Bates
Isaiah Bates Prije 16 dana
I love the game as is. For I am on the hunt to romance Kerry
deon x
deon x Prije 16 dana
Rock star got it right lol
Eli Sst
Eli Sst Prije 16 dana
That means we can finally go to mars!
The Troll Patrol
The Troll Patrol Prije 16 dana
Andrew Nash
Andrew Nash Prije 16 dana
So you can install a mod to preview the tech demo. Fkin sick, cdpr.
Ryan G.
Ryan G. Prije 16 dana
Hold on, all I've heard is that the PC version is perfect. Why would it need any mod?
MERAL_7 Prije 16 dana
Fahad Other M
Fahad Other M Prije 16 dana
I really hate that what's up everyday it even hunts me in my nightmares
Ok Prije 16 dana
Ah... The vidoes comment section is whole lot different (normal) than the stories'.....😅
exo.dus.11 Prije 16 dana
stick to hanging with the boys, we need all our brothers
Tracor3k99 Prije 16 dana
That destroys the immersion, no thanks. Are mods enabled again?
Nekminute Prije 16 dana
Do a how to romance Sydnee guide
Ran Dam01
Ran Dam01 Prije 16 dana
If multiplayer comes out, then there may be new TPP animations. Cool mod.
bzacon Prije 16 dana
Damn, was hoping it would be vehicle modification. That's still cool though
Eliot Wildermann
Eliot Wildermann Prije 16 dana
Final fantasy vii remake and dynasty warriors 9 after all the updates
Ace Hunter Blake
Ace Hunter Blake Prije 16 dana
Looks odd? Not sure what she means. The quality matched up with the rest of the game
Aeshma Star
Aeshma Star Prije 16 dana
She doesn't look like what she does in those HRpost snaptoks...
Luke Keller
Luke Keller Prije 16 dana
Looks like we didn’t need the ozone layer after all.
Jeb Kara
Jeb Kara Prije 16 dana
I'm done with cyberpunk. You have nothing else better to talk about.
Phillip Maughmer
Phillip Maughmer Prije 16 dana
Ha all the corpo fan boys in the comments
Frosty Yogurt
Frosty Yogurt Prije 16 dana
The mod making this game more like ps2 game 😂
Heetler Prije 16 dana
Mod might change your perspective It's warning sign
Original Boy
Original Boy Prije 16 dana
U need to have a mode not mod ok
Original Boy
Original Boy Prije 16 dana
It’s like playing a ps1 game with the way he walks
Deezho Fueel
Deezho Fueel Prije 16 dana
Kai Grijalva
Kai Grijalva Prije 16 dana
CDPR make a new mode for cyberpunk when they haven’t even finished patching up the game
Dhruv singh Parihar
Dhruv singh Parihar Prije 16 dana
The whole game is still in work in progress ..all who played was still a beta ver🤣🤣🤣
Simon W
Simon W Prije 16 dana
You are wearing a tacky Mickey Mouse sweatshirt wierdly tucked into your cream slacks. Did you raid your mom"s and little sister's wardrobes 5 minutes ago?
Geralt The Rivia
Geralt The Rivia Prije 16 dana
If the game was released when it's actually finished, the mod probably would be better.
Ari Kitajima
Ari Kitajima Prije 16 dana
I wish this had never been done. Now I'm gonna think about how shitty my character looks and feel that much weirder I can't see.
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews
SwaggyTJM33 Matthews Prije 14 dana
lol well at least they have mods on pc unfortunately not available for consoles yet
ForzaS1 Prije 16 dana
U can literally see the stiffness in the shadows
sunny sighup
sunny sighup Prije 16 dana
More like Cyberbug 1977
AA1891 Prije 16 dana
Favorite mod? Gameshark on Game Boy is up there. Does the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge for Genesis count?
Zeptil Prije 16 dana
One of my favorite mods would be CBBE in Skyrim :)
Crazy Ordinal
Crazy Ordinal Prije 16 dana
Yeah boyy
Noob Senpai99
Noob Senpai99 Prije 16 dana
Jump animation looks like its coming from a mobile game XD
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sanchez Prije 16 dana
Finally I found the daily fix.
Welington Oliveira
Welington Oliveira Prije 16 dana
Times New Roman
Times New Roman Prije 16 dana
Yusuf Rama
Yusuf Rama Prije 16 dana
How many shirts does this lady have
SM Malu
SM Malu Prije 16 dana
Scrotie McBoogerballs
Scrotie McBoogerballs Prije 16 dana
Bethesda definitely made the 3rd person mod
KG031 _
KG031 _ Prije 16 dana
Back to GTA 5
Marc Henn
Marc Henn Prije 16 dana
That sweater is dope.
Omar ELJoker
Omar ELJoker Prije 16 dana
Actually, I'm Really Sure So Well That Almost Everyone Will Actually Be Trying This Mod With That JoyToy Scene, LOL
Joso Valo
Joso Valo Prije 16 dana
Omg seeing u after this long break is everything for my 2021, u be blessed and stay beautiful ma
Hammy 2.0
Hammy 2.0 Prije 16 dana
That joke was so terrible that it actually made me feel sorry for whoever wrote it
IHH97 Hajjar
IHH97 Hajjar Prije 16 dana
exactly. all i was thinking was how in the world did she manage not to say: "F that was so bad". she actually seemed to like it. 2021 here we come i guess.
Miguel Torres
Miguel Torres Prije 16 dana
Here after Inside Gaming was shut down. Don't disappoint me guys...
Benjamin Zupančič
Benjamin Zupančič Prije 16 dana
No wonder you cant see character reflection in the mirror, they hide the uglinest
theseat Prije 16 dana
"Uglinest"? What bird makes that?
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur Prije 16 dana
At this point no one wants CYBERBUG2077
Mario mario
Mario mario Prije 16 dana
Lol cyberpunk was one of the worst games I've played. As usual, the hype never lasts
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