Pokemon Sword and Shield - Official Galar Tour Trailer

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Prije 27 dana

Go on a tour of the Galar region and get another look at the Pokémon of the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra in this latest trailer.
#IGN #Pokemon

Jonathan Barraza
Jonathan Barraza Prije 2 dana
how can I get zarude
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Prije 11 dana
david Attenborough, Is that you?
Patches626 Prije 14 dana
1:23 it's "joyful" cries. The old, lazy beeping noises Pokemon still make from 20 years ago makes it sound like a scared mouse.
Lucien Distler
Lucien Distler Prije 15 dana
Soon as I saw Snorlax (my favourite Pokémon) I click
Rodrigo Silva
Rodrigo Silva Prije 16 dana
This is by far the worst Pokemon game ever to date.
Adri-el C
Adri-el C Prije 16 dana
0:58 That pop in tho
NazarioCharlie Prije 17 dana
when pokemons are going to say their names in games?
Jewish Walrus
Jewish Walrus Prije 18 dana
Get morgan Freeman to voice it next time
Seth Legacy
Seth Legacy Prije 18 dana
Holy cow I just finally realized who is talking in the video and I was like.....NO WAY!!!
Dr.Mohamed Khalid HD
Dr.Mohamed Khalid HD Prije 18 dana
Awesome .. Guys what is the name of the background song in the beginning?
Farmer Zach
Farmer Zach Prije 18 dana
Just dusted off the gba sp w Pokemon sapphire. Amazing the difference. Each territory has a different personality and each town is unique enough you want to explore it all. Pokemon Shield has multiple regions but it all feels the same. Such a sad decline!
Zakaria Abedin
Zakaria Abedin Prije 19 dana
Pokémon can learn a thing or 2 from genshin impact in how to make idealic scenery and environments. Sword and shield feel so bland compared to a free to play game. Who's the billion $ company?
David Martinez
David Martinez Prije 19 dana
This dude is doing a great job vocally impersonating David Attenborough.
tyler royster
tyler royster Prije 19 dana
Wow they really know how to make 15% of the game look like 95%👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
churrch of logical reasoning [COLOR]
churrch of logical reasoning [COLOR] Prije 20 dana
sounds like Blue Planet
Marko Marko
Marko Marko Prije 20 dana
He thinks he is funny :(
Frank Lara
Frank Lara Prije 20 dana
I wish the games wouldn’t hold your hand so much smh
Jared Mancera
Jared Mancera Prije 20 dana
Bring back mega evolution
NReluctant Prije 20 dana
I have played every Pokemon game that has come out, and I started Pokemon Sword yesterday. After three hours of gameplay there is still a ton of hand-holding going on with very little freedom to explore. When you do get to explore it is a very linear and pre-defined path that you have to take. I don't know what is going on with the developers and this game, but I can't continue to play and support these games if they don't make some changes. Graphically they look brilliant, but I feel like I'm not even playing the game, rather just watching a game unfold before me. I have not even tried in battles and have won them all up to this point. I get that adults are not the target audience, but as someone who grew up with the games I think this might be the easiest and most boring of the bunch...am I wrong?
RetroGameDays36 Prije 20 dana
If you have the crown tundra, i know that you have a suicune, don't lie
YourAverageDude Prije 20 dana
Still waiting for an emulator.-_-
YourAverageDude Prije 12 dana
@eyal yonai hehehe, ye pirate hailing from faraway land seem to be promising, what do you say we share a cup of rum and form an alliance
eyal yonai
eyal yonai Prije 13 dana
@YourAverageDude o' yes matie
YourAverageDude Prije 13 dana
@eyal yonai aye, this young cap'n just gotta secure a couple more booties and he's set
eyal yonai
eyal yonai Prije 14 dana
@YourAverageDude ARRRRGH you ain't salty enough
YourAverageDude Prije 14 dana
@eyal yonai right ye are matey
Marco M
Marco M Prije 20 dana
Why do people even care about Sword and Shield? Not all pokemon are included? No pokemon league? Incomplete game being completed through dlc? Its a joke.
Nick Rios
Nick Rios Prije 21 dan
These ign comments savage af LMAO
Unknown Prije 21 dan
Ngl if they were cutting pokemon all the starters should have stayed the starters have the most value
Adam Mahabub
Adam Mahabub Prije 21 dan
I always get excited to see new Pokémon game trailers then I remember I haven’t kept up with the series since diamond and pearl so I see a whole bunch of Pokémon I don’t recognize and just feel old
Kevin Feli
Kevin Feli Prije 21 dan
Why do I feel like I'm in Jurassic Park😐
Dennis Benjamin
Dennis Benjamin Prije 22 dana
It’s the Tangela popping into existence for me😂.
D S Prije 22 dana
Confused, Nintendo couldn't pony up for Sir David Attenborough? They are obviously trying to replicate it
Jean Ribeiro
Jean Ribeiro Prije 22 dana
Nintendo 💙
lioneldude Prije 22 dana
It is no surprise that many pokemon call this island their home, until you caught them in a pokeball and moved it to Pokemon Home.
Deeken Wheeler
Deeken Wheeler Prije 22 dana
I'm just a regular tincan
I'm just a regular tincan Prije 22 dana
Didn't this already come out?
Xavier Santiago
Xavier Santiago Prije 23 dana
Gen 4 remakes should have Darkrai & Cresselia as the cover legendaries
Navneeth Jaydev
Navneeth Jaydev Prije 23 dana
Nintendo is stuck in the 90s
Navneeth Jaydev
Navneeth Jaydev Prije 23 dana
They got David Attenborough to narrate this. Why?????😂😂😂
W A Prije 21 dan
worse. They got someone to mimic him.
tripmac Prije 23 dana
0:58 you can literally see the tangela snap into the overworld how is this in a trailer lmao
Eman Azizi
Eman Azizi Prije 23 dana
I can’t wait to play Pokémon again in two days when I get my Nintendo switch after almost ten years of not playing them
Ferrari458italia Prije 23 dana
Anyone notice that they didn't bother to try and get better footage? There are two Tangela that just pop in and a berry tree as well.
Brandon lee
Brandon lee Prije 23 dana
Sounds like a wanna be Sir David Attenborough
Masked Head
Masked Head Prije 23 dana
Damn I thought this was a dinosaur documentary 😂😂😂
Yuri Prije 23 dana
Is this man talking my pretend grandfather Sir David Attenborough?
marshallmeeps Prije 23 dana
a "diverse" array of pokemon. lmao.
KUMA Prije 23 dana
When there's a content drought you make videos like this
M1nd matters
M1nd matters Prije 23 dana
Sat hear staring at the thumbnail thinking... is this a trick?
asapas8 Prije 23 dana
Ok Gamefreak now it's time to create a BETTER Pokemon game with NATIONAL DEX and elements from Pokemon Stadium/Colosseum/Gale of darkness
Darian Biggs
Darian Biggs Prije 23 dana
Okay?????? We know all this already it’s getting old HOWEVER THE NARRATOR IS AMAAZING
Liam Harding
Liam Harding Prije 23 dana
What exactly was the point of this trailer?
GodlyDrmmr Productions
GodlyDrmmr Productions Prije 24 dana
Why is this getting released? There's no new content 😂😂
D's Real Reviews
D's Real Reviews Prije 24 dana
I’m still playing Pokémon Y
Mayo man
Mayo man Prije 24 dana
It’s just nothing new
DrumBang Prije 24 dana
alright gamefreak you dont have to get david attenborough to give us a commentry about pkmn sword and shield but its funny to watch
Jake The Snake
Jake The Snake Prije 24 dana
This really sounds like Sir David Attenborough
Rajat RanA
Rajat RanA Prije 24 dana
By the way to get this full game will cost you 120 dollars thank you
J Prije 24 dana
Remember this video is primarily for people who just got pokemon/switch/dlc for Christmas
Skipcy Prije 24 dana
You had me at SnowJoke part
iGoby SK
iGoby SK Prije 24 dana
Avnavyman98 Prije 24 dana
666th comment
Viridescent Arts
Viridescent Arts Prije 24 dana
begone satan
Yo! Tobimoto AMV
Yo! Tobimoto AMV Prije 24 dana
are all the pokemon in the game yet or can i still not catch a fuckin Dragonite?
Singtingz Prije 24 dana
Why didn't they have voice acting like this in the actual game?
Pit Zampraas
Pit Zampraas Prije 24 dana
those ps1 graphics vibes :')
Patrick WannaFightAboutIt?
Patrick WannaFightAboutIt? Prije 24 dana
Literally filled in what they couldn't come up with more Pokémon with past Pokémon that are probably the most Boeing of the previous games
Akshay Vasisht
Akshay Vasisht Prije 24 dana
Worst region by far
Patrick WannaFightAboutIt?
Patrick WannaFightAboutIt? Prije 24 dana
Now for Tony Robbins to do A Skyrim trailet
Shiny Greninja
Shiny Greninja Prije 24 dana
This game just feels so soulless...
Dallas Porter
Dallas Porter Prije 25 dana
The disrespect of having a Sir Attenborough voiceover but not a professor inspired by him 😅🤦🏾‍♂️
Deuterium, the Sentient Mattress
Deuterium, the Sentient Mattress Prije 25 dana
So many people in the comments still salty about the graphics... like, we get it. It didn't push the boundaries of the console or the genre. Like, the only pokemon game that ever did that was gen 5.
Craig Black
Craig Black Prije 25 dana
If youre a fan of Pokemon (and I am) you should try Temtem - its like pokemon but its... challenging, packed of features, great animations, great music.
Musashi234 Prije 25 dana
The absolutely worse Region....Lord help me I can't wait for this Generation to end.
Spicyagent 4
Spicyagent 4 Prije 25 dana
Oooooooohhhhbhh look at this cool game I have totally never played before
Ben Prije 25 dana
Fill Breath of the Wild with detailed and location specific Pokemon. Now that’s a next-gen Pokemon game boys.
Grey Prije 24 dana
Just imagine a Pokémon BOTW spin off game.
Purple Slushie
Purple Slushie Prije 25 dana
Get this guy to narrate pokemon Snap and you've got something right there.
S. Schalkwijk
S. Schalkwijk Prije 25 dana
I think it's a funny try to imitate David Attenborough because he's British and Galar is based on Britain
Roxas Heartplay
Roxas Heartplay Prije 25 dana
Galar tour trailer, yet you dont actually tour the Galar region itself?
Theonlydezman Prije 25 dana
This game could have been so much more.
Swav Bowss
Swav Bowss Prije 25 dana
Yow...pokemon is just mad pathetic now. From a game of great adventure, challenge and personal connection to a game that just almost feels like a spit in the face with this level of mediocrity for todays standards. To think they have all the hardware and scope to truly showcase how amazing the Pokémon world really is and then they do this🤣😒its depressing.
SolracNexus 2020
SolracNexus 2020 Prije 25 dana
"Official mario 64 graphics tour"
Amir Moradi
Amir Moradi Prije 25 dana
So many high quality animations. The way the Boufalant spins around
Theo C
Theo C Prije 25 dana
"Diverse Array."
Enyr Tovsen
Enyr Tovsen Prije 25 dana
I love how the video makes the areas seem much bigger than they actually are
Unknown Prije 21 dan
naira weave
naira weave Prije 25 dana
I love how the narrator didn't mention the cut Pokedex the crappy N64 graphics the remove Mega Evolution in z-moves and a piss poor following Pokémon feature let's not forget about the excuses from Game Freak I love the narrator he's a remarkable man
The Custodians
The Custodians Prije 25 dana
Let's face it. The only explanation for sword and shield being the way it is that doesn't involve putting the blame on either laziness, incompetence, or both is that if this game started out as a 3ds game.
Silverwolf99 Prije 25 dana
The narrator clearly doesn’t wanna talk about the millions of glitches and the PS1 graphics 😛
SanRok Prije 25 dana
There's just something missing from this game. It doesn't garner excitement for me. Everything seems so linear. Perhaps that's how all Pokemon games work, but this one more so in my opinion.
Ruff Prophet Productions
Ruff Prophet Productions Prije 25 dana
Even the trailer has pop ins!
Christian Hutchcraft
Christian Hutchcraft Prije 25 dana
Jimmi Woltz
Jimmi Woltz Prije 25 dana
Uncharted regions? It's not uncharted, you lost the chart!
Hunter Corcoran
Hunter Corcoran Prije 25 dana
I hope they do more dlc
Mad Mal
Mad Mal Prije 25 dana
Now I wanna play
Blazing Swarm
Blazing Swarm Prije 25 dana
I’m sorry I’m going to call bulls**t on this. Pokémon should be leading the fray on gaming as it makes/has made a killing!!!! This seems just as Lazy and half assed as walking through numerous ‘expansive’ areas to find the bare minimum and graphics that leave you saying meh. Pokémon could be running worthwhile max raid battles with opportunities to get rares/shinies but no. At this point I’m refusing to settle for a simple voice over done on the exact same trailers that have already been released.
Rexor Prije 25 dana
Madeline Prije 25 dana
national geographic Pokemon edition
Clay Octane
Clay Octane Prije 25 dana
Idk why y'all are complaining about the graphics, it's Nintendo. The graphics will always be generations behind the times, you'll still buy the games anyway. Been that way for decades, it'll be that way until folks stop buying
James Ragsdale
James Ragsdale Prije 25 dana
The way the tangela loaded in lmao
K.A.R.M. Productions
K.A.R.M. Productions Prije 25 dana
Why are there so many dislikes on this? I love the Attenborough impersonator. I want that to be a thing from now on for pokemon trailers! ^.^
Maxwell Max
Maxwell Max Prije 25 dana
This should have been the first trailer wtf marketing team
Logannev Gaming
Logannev Gaming Prije 25 dana
I love when pokemon does focus on nature like this, definitely my favorite part of the games and shows! Bird keeper toby made a cool national Geographic like series like this! Super awesome ^^
Slytherin Reviews
Slytherin Reviews Prije 25 dana
Something is missing from this trailer and I don’t know what it is
Orlando Nuku-Day
Orlando Nuku-Day Prije 25 dana
What in the world was the point of that?
Brendo Fire
Brendo Fire Prije 25 dana
What's funny is the only comedy I could find in this video was in the comments section
Unstoppable Plays!
Unstoppable Plays! Prije 25 dana
Expectations vs reality the trailer, Well that an any cyberpunk trailer lol
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