Batman: Soul of the Dragon: Exclusive Richard Dragon Official Clip (2021) - Mark Dacascos

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Actor Mark Dacascos introduces this exclusive clip featuring martial artist Richard Dragon from Batman: Soul of the Dragon.

Set in the midst of the swinging 1970s, this Elseworlds adventure finds Bruce Wayne training under a master sensei. It is here that Bruce, along with other elite students, is forged in the fire of the martial arts discipline. The lifelong bonds they form will be put to the test when a deadly menace arises from their past. It will take the combined efforts of Batman, world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner, and Lady Shiva and their mentor O-Sensei to battle the monsters of this world and beyond.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is our first Batman 2021 movie release, coming on January 12, 2021, on Digital and January 26, 2021 on 4K Combo Pack & Blu-ray.

Badre Bally
Badre Bally Prije 2 dana
It's weird seeing Richard Dragon who's a Red haired Caucasian in the comics being not only Asian but looking similar to Bruce Lee but then I remember the novel where the character made his very first appearance before his comic debut had a cover where he was drawn to look similar to Bruce Lee.
Shadicgunman Prije 6 dana
Ralph Donn
Ralph Donn Prije 8 dana
Ain't he white
Kiran Punnoose
Kiran Punnoose Prije 9 dana
If Richard Dragon is originally a red headed blue eyed Caucasian in the newest animated movie exactly from the comics, the voice actor should be none other than the legendary martial artist Chuck Norris.
Ralph Donn
Ralph Donn Prije 8 dana
Chew Rocka
Chew Rocka Prije 12 dana
Oh it’s some animated thing
Trase Gorsuch
Trase Gorsuch Prije 13 dana
I can't wait for this movie to come out.
BlackDragon129 Prije 14 dana
Can’t wait to get the blu-ray
MoreToKnowShow Prije 14 dana
Allez Cuisine!!!!!
oliver emeralds
oliver emeralds Prije 14 dana
Guys look up the 1990s movie drive with mark dacascos. He moves like spiderman. He is a great martial artist
El Caminante Reviews
El Caminante Reviews Prije 17 sati
He shows all of his crazy and amazing skills in The Crow: Stairway to Heaven series from 1998/99. And you can watch it on HRpost.
Master Zone
Master Zone Prije 14 dana
Nice owsom
Alair cezario da silva Cezario
Alair cezario da silva Cezario Prije 14 dana
Lindo demais
Angry Jack
Angry Jack Prije 14 dana
Is that the guy from John wick 3
oliver emeralds
oliver emeralds Prije 14 dana
Gerardo Rodriguez
Gerardo Rodriguez Prije 14 dana
Warner Bros should make a sequel of Scooby-Doo Camp Scare and be titled “Scooby-Doo Return to Camp Scare” and make a new DCAU movie like they did with Fatal Five and Batman and Harley Quinn
TIL - AQUILAHELL Prije 14 dana
Johnny D
Johnny D Prije 14 dana
Can DC make anything else besides Batman? They have an incredible roster of heroes they need to use them
Devin Forman
Devin Forman Prije 13 dana
I'm kinda with you they keep doing Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman and the other characters only appear in the JL films.
Peni Parker
Peni Parker Prije 14 dana
This is DC’s “ we need to make a animation with a token black character to please the black community “ movie
OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation
OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation Prije 14 dana
Except, the real Richard Dragon is white, even his new 52 counterpart is Hispanic. So trying to please the Asian community by turning a white character Asian? Hnmp, what a joke DC is, years of catering only to white characters have caught up with them.
BLACKRedDragon Prije 14 dana
They did that already in bad blood with Batwing
Bitch Lasagna
Bitch Lasagna Prije 14 dana
Someone needs to get hired so that lame titles like these never get used again
Steve Fong
Steve Fong Prije 14 dana
Hey is zero from John Wick movie i’m a fan of her
Paul smith
Paul smith Prije 14 dana
Underrated martial arts actor.
Joey K
Joey K Prije 14 dana
Isn’t the beginning guy from John wick 3?
Dru Izen
Dru Izen Prije 14 dana
that was a pretty cool fight huh john? lol
Sweetie Cartoons
Sweetie Cartoons Prije 14 dana
Double-checked. Yup, it's him-- Mark Dacascos.
Sweetie Cartoons
Sweetie Cartoons Prije 14 dana
Ah, I knew I recognized him from somewhere!!
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Prije 14 dana
Bout time they showed batman's martial arts lol
Matthew UK
Matthew UK Prije 14 dana
I think he is villain
arbknight12 Prije 14 dana
“Each are unique in their own way, as you will be.” Sensei has no idea how true that will be
Sum Dum Phuc
Sum Dum Phuc Prije 14 dana
Made in China Wuhan bat soup 🤢🦇🍜
Ron-j Ignacio
Ron-j Ignacio Prije 14 dana
Hahstoot hatosoto
ISI FF GAMER Prije 14 dana
Waiting for that kind🥺hearted💗people who can actually support me from heart💓 YOUR ONE SUPPORT IS ENOUGH FOR ME💓 PLEASE SUPPORT ME
sfighter00 Prije 14 dana
My first exposure to this character was sadly from "Arrow", when he was portrayed as a villain named "Ricardo Diaz". But Richard Dragon here seems like a cool character. May need to look up more about this guy.
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard Prije 8 dana
@OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation Ricardo was lying cause during the end of Jeff Lemire's run of Green Arrow the real Richard Dragon shows up shocking Ollie, Dinah, and Ricardo. With Ricardo trying to deny the fact that the real Richard Dragon is back, with Richard confirming that it was him and revealing during Ricardo's attempt at murdering him Richard managed to avoid death by controlling his heartbeat to trick Ricardo into thinking that he was dead and being the hero he is he gave Ricardo the opportunity to surrender and turn himself in and as he put it "stop this madness before anyone else gets hurt." But Ricardo refused and as result Richard and Ricardo fought and the real Richard Dragon won revealing he didn't teach Ricardo everything.
OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation
OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation Prije 8 dana
@Derrick Haggard Which comic was that, because in the jeff lemire green arrow run where richardo was introduced, he said the original trained him but he killed him and took his name. I always hated that crap, so i hope he was lying, cause there's no way he beat the original Richard Dragon!
Derrick Haggard
Derrick Haggard Prije 8 dana
@OUTLAW By Blood, NOT Relation In one of the comics towards the end of the New 52 run we actually got to see the real Richard Dragon take on Ricardo in order to clear his name and yeah Ricardo was no match for the legit real Richard Dragon.
JosephDiEgidioIII Prije 9 dana
They're releasing a Denny O'Neil trade collecting Dragon's solo series in the 70s if this peaked your interest in a few weeks
sfighter00 Prije 14 dana
@NaVi Again Hey, that almost rhymes! LOL
Vadershake Prije 14 dana
Richard Dragon's name in Chinese is Low Hung....
Yani IAM Plays
Yani IAM Plays Prije 14 dana
The Commentator
The Commentator Prije 14 dana
I’m trying to get famous by commenting, and i will not surrender
I am Murf
I am Murf Prije 14 dana
Legends in this film
James II
James II Prije 14 dana
But can he beat Mike Tyson? Note: Before any butthurt its just a joke noting that the same studio that animated Mike Tysons cartoon show "Mike Tyson Mysteries" animated this movie.
James II
James II Prije 14 dana
@RajOfColumbus you'd be surprised man, YOU'D. BE. SURPRISED.
Your Mom
Your Mom Prije 14 dana
Mike Tyson punched a Dinosaur so nope
RajOfColumbus Prije 14 dana
Why would anyone be butthurt by this, stop reaching.
КОСТЯ Кузнецов
КОСТЯ Кузнецов Prije 14 dana
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Z O Prije 14 dana
Wauw I feel like this guy nearly havn't aged. Nice intro to the clip
Parallel Prije 14 dana
Greetings ⭐⭐⭐
Barry Lyndon
Barry Lyndon Prije 14 dana
That's Mark Dacascos. Respect!
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache Prije 14 dana
*sees the number of key frames in that kata* Alright, you got me.
Jarron Carlton
Jarron Carlton Prije 14 dana
DC got another animated movie I need to watch *DJ KLHAD Voice* another one
Otaku_GameFan Prije 14 dana
kidd2games Prije 14 dana
Justintime02 B
Justintime02 B Prije 14 dana
Here we go. Yet again another animated Batman movie. It’s time for DC to come up with ideas to expand their work. It feels like every type of movie they make is revolved around Batman and Superman for the most part. Don’t get me wrong I love Batman and Superman but this is starting to make me bored.
Branden Luis Diaz
Branden Luis Diaz Prije 14 dana
S1LENTN0VA Prije 14 dana
Why are they making so many Batman animated films all of a sudden???? Don't get me wrong I love Batman but like dam you'd expect them to have movies about other heroes not just Batman most of the time
SpikeTheWolf Prije 13 dana
Batman sells
snipersut yt
snipersut yt Prije 14 dana
Hope everyone that sees this has a great day and stay safe
Sweetie Cartoons
Sweetie Cartoons Prije 14 dana
Same to you dude. :)
sfighter00 Prije 14 dana
Same to you dude. :)
IGames TV
IGames TV Prije 14 dana
folks follow on my channel
Qi Fuh Yue
Qi Fuh Yue Prije 14 dana
Giyera from agents of shield is that you?
Marshall Miles
Marshall Miles Prije 14 dana
Oh shoot Mark
David V
David V Prije 14 dana
I’m confused thought it was Batman aka Bruce Wayne
SBM ABU SAYeD RANA BGD Prije 14 dana
Shraddha Roy
Shraddha Roy Prije 14 dana
Mere channel ko support kar do Ji plz dosto
Abhijeet Magdum
Abhijeet Magdum Prije 14 dana
Yeh english channel hain😂😂😂
Elite ghost
Elite ghost Prije 14 dana
Why is richard dragon a asian guy instead of a white American male like he is in the comics?
slashandbones13 Prije 2 dana
Because Batman is already the Roper (enter the dragon) of the group.
JeffZ1028 Prije 8 dana
@Gigantic omega Shh... let them have their moment lol
Gigantic omega
Gigantic omega Prije 11 dana
@SpikeTheWolf Hold on I looked it up and apparently richard Dragon originally looked asian. Its from a very old novel according to the maker of this movie in an interview. He even showed the book.
Pienimusta Prije 13 dana
@SpikeTheWolf You clearly have spiked your drink.
SpikeTheWolf Prije 13 dana
@Pienimusta wow
Eym Me
Eym Me Prije 14 dana
Elitezer Prije 14 dana
Only 13 comments woww People are so fast Xd
akatora Prije 14 dana
Simranjeet Kaur
Simranjeet Kaur Prije 14 dana
This is such an overused name
Sinners End YT
Sinners End YT Prije 14 dana
Hope everyone with their family stays form covid💜 just so u know u are loved and appreciated 💜
kidd2games Prije 14 dana
You too!
Blob ZZ
Blob ZZ Prije 14 dana
I'm from New Zealand 👀
Von Swervo
Von Swervo Prije 14 dana
Evil self
Spidey Prije 14 dana
I was really
Mannan Soni
Mannan Soni Prije 14 dana
why does this exist
Simranjeet Kaur
Simranjeet Kaur Prije 14 dana
William Folwell Shryock Cooke
William Folwell Shryock Cooke Prije 14 dana
Simranjeet Kaur
Simranjeet Kaur Prije 14 dana
Trxgipie Prije 14 dana
E is the e
WOW Prije 14 dana
Die hard batman fans clicked In no time
Gracen Bartley
Gracen Bartley Prije 14 dana
MihaiL Stan
MihaiL Stan Prije 14 dana
NeroNighthawk Prije 14 dana
Looks like I’m early😏🤙🏽
NeroNighthawk Prije 14 dana
@WOW There’s a first time for everything😭
WOW Prije 14 dana
😂😂😂😂😂😂 yessss siirrrr
Goeasy 47
Goeasy 47 Prije 14 dana
Gracen Bartley
Gracen Bartley Prije 14 dana
devito anonymo
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