5 Best PC Mods to Help Fix Cyberpunk 2077

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Cyberpunk 2077 seems like a modder's dream, but unfortunately the game hasn't been fully cracked open yet.

While you won't find fancy Darth Vader skins or DeLoreans to drive on the internet, you can discover various file tweaks and fixes to improve your experience.

Here are 5 of the best PC mods you can download and install right now to make Cyberpunk 2077 just a little bit better.
Our video on the Cyberpunk 2077 third-person mod: hrpost.info/history/hNBep6ellMJopWU/video
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Gustav Aanum
Gustav Aanum Prije dan
Greg Ziel
Greg Ziel Prije 2 dana
So the way I see it is better handling makes driving like ice skating with hockey stops.... thanks modders
wylatron Prije 3 dana
thanks for no links uwu
RAINER GF Prije 4 dana
I'm the only one who finds perfectly fine the default driving?
Justin Graham
Justin Graham Prije 5 dana
Where can we get these mods and how do we apply them??
Video Recommendation guy
Video Recommendation guy Prije 5 dana
Ah, as always. Modders makes everything better!
Sneaky Pewpz
Sneaky Pewpz Prije 5 dana
I'd like all reflective surfaces to reflect my character.
SOMA Prije 5 dana
Dodge on Right stick, melee b or circle like cod A favorites button so I don’t dismantle things by accident
League of Losers
League of Losers Prije 4 dana
Sorry dude but you are on console I think and consoles can't have mods :C
Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery Prije 6 dana
CDPR should probably just hire modders and job done
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Prije 7 dana
The game is flawless, the bugs are just a unique selling point.
Eemm Jay
Eemm Jay Prije 7 dana
erdf...... i could'nt decide.
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez Prije 7 dana
If I'm the owner of CD Project I contact right now with that people for try to fix that game asap....but we will need to wait may another 2-3 months for play like a really nice game. Anyway the history looks amazing, but just the history, like mafia 1, really beautiful the history and the world empty(but the mafia is like that).
Luciano Angelotti
Luciano Angelotti Prije 7 dana
The minimap is the only thing that really pisses me off... It's so terrible! Also I can't believe they didn't added a feat where we could see GPS pointers in our HUD while driving... Like, come on.. as far as eye implants go for news feeds, information, ammo, communicators etc GPS pointers would be the most useful in real life...
Kyle War
Kyle War Prije 7 dana
Cuiasodo Prije 7 dana
It's a small thing, but I'd love some kind of walk toggle button on PC. I like to roleplay a bit on scenes and look/walk around like I'm interacting with people and it always feels awkward when I go to walk closer or further away from someone, but V's default movement speed looks like I'm jogging up to people.
Itsridwaaan Prije 7 dana
So this means the developer arent really developing.
Bervin Ranjith
Bervin Ranjith Prije 7 dana
Seriously I appreciate the modders... They can fix the game in 2 weeks but the real developer couldn't do it for 5 years...
Basti K.
Basti K. Prije 7 dana
what i want the most is a Appearance changer, and just let it be tatto and hair style thats enough. But more importantly i want a way to change the appearance of gear, i dont care if this game is first person i simply dont want my V to look like a clown
Bobby Hbn
Bobby Hbn Prije 7 dana
This the only game in history that launched while it was still in beta mode? Lmfao
Timmykiller5 Prije 7 dana
DCS Student
DCS Student Prije 7 dana
Armando Mattia Imperatore
Armando Mattia Imperatore Prije 7 dana
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar Prije 7 dana
Anderson Prije 7 dana
Will it corrupt your save file?
League of Losers
League of Losers Prije 4 dana
No, unless you somehow install a virus in which case It'd corrupt your pc.
Rigó bácsi
Rigó bácsi Prije 7 dana
damn these are actually useful
Donnie Darkelf
Donnie Darkelf Prije 7 dana
So like, you couldn't have linked the mods you mentioned? Would that have killed y'all?
HeadBash Prije 7 dana
Cyberpunk driving is unreal why would I mod it?
Mohammed Ashif
Mohammed Ashif Prije 7 dana
Capillary Prije 7 dana
Missed the optimizer that tweaks graphics settings hidden in ini files. My rx580 is now running 60fps at 1080.
Capillary Prije 7 dana
Won’t feature the third person mod while featuring it
Andrew Wootton
Andrew Wootton Prije 7 dana
Dkoi Dkoi
Dkoi Dkoi Prije 8 dana
I want a mod that makes you deal more damage/take more damage! 1 or 2 shot headshots 4 shots to body kind of thing.
rcsibiu Prije 8 dana
I am the only one which completed the game with zero clothes on?
Lunchbox Prije 8 dana
Ill buy it when its fixed
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
Id like them to make all the braindances in the game that you can buy and not buy viewable
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
Id like to see more interaction with rogue AI and being able to explore the net outside of missions
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
I hope in the future the game is immersive in places that arent quests or having a random conversation with johnny
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
I hope that in future we get more tattoos options and the ability to wear fully cybernetic arms or become more of a cyborg in general
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
Hope in the future I can customize my apartment because aside the times your are required to be in it i find it next to pointless to return to it
Devil Doll
Devil Doll Prije 8 dana
I really hope in the future i can sit in a bar and have a drink in first person when i want to same with eating meals
Visual Dosage
Visual Dosage Prije 8 dana
the driving physics rockstar made in 2013 looks like its 2077 years ahead of this.
christopher Prije 8 dana
Let's just keep rehashing the same mods
El Ray
El Ray Prije 8 dana
Notloc Jones
Notloc Jones Prije 8 dana
IuBatista Prije 8 dana
Unfortunately it seems that just like this to be able to play a game that should have come to 100% ...
Marq Prije 8 dana
Has anyone made a better cops mod? The shitty cops are my only complaint with the game
Stoned Homer
Stoned Homer Prije 8 dana
I use scroll lock to summon seems to be more precise than the "v" key.
David Bithel
David Bithel Prije 8 dana
The minimap needs a format that is terrible, many 1st gen P.s games have better minimaps!
Donald Taylor
Donald Taylor Prije 8 dana
Hide equipped headgear. I want the armor increase but I don't always like how it looks.
JOE BANANAS Prije 8 dana
W00t!! Cyberjunk getting the 180 treatment!! Ty 2 teh g0ds 4 teh m0ds! 🐱‍💻👨‍💻👨‍💻🐱‍💻
Covmike Prije 8 dana
Save your time. 1) Better vehicle handling 2) Arasaka appearance updater 3) Better minimap 4) Instant car summon 5) Better controls
Dwi Putra
Dwi Putra Prije 8 dana
Snow Puddle
Snow Puddle Prije 8 dana
mods can't fix this terrible driving
Panther Prije 8 dana
Nova. Thanks, choom.
Lorenzo Von Matterhorn
Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Prije 8 dana
It just shows how rushed the devs were... CD project...ya'll fcked It up!!!
TrashBoat Prije 8 dana
No bug glitch mod?
V Prije 8 dana
Driving is the worst
League of Losers
League of Losers Prije 4 dana
Driving is only really bad with the default car or some other cheap cars, if you want really smooth and nice driving I'd recommend the caliburn.
Ciaran Lynch
Ciaran Lynch Prije 8 dana
I just want to change my hairstyle:(
SamuraiWolf Prije 8 dana
most hyped average game ever
Black Addam
Black Addam Prije 8 dana
Jordan Joestar 76
Jordan Joestar 76 Prije 8 dana
F - randos are better than CDPR. GAMERS, ty for caring about fellow GAMERS
Marc Ray
Marc Ray Prije 8 dana
This game be like: leave the rest to moders.
What This Video - WTv
What This Video - WTv Prije 8 dana
Nothing can fix base design
Zefanya T.F.S.
Zefanya T.F.S. Prije 8 dana
so cyberpunk basically become old school bethesda fallout?
TheFbiFilesRepeat Prije 8 dana
Sam Prije 8 dana
Boi Mesa
Boi Mesa Prije 8 dana
PointBlank200 Prije 8 dana
Johnny's Porsche has a nice handling in my opinion
Noir Rain
Noir Rain Prije 8 dana
Garbage. The only car that behaves well is the shion coyote. Bikes? They behave like horses. Garbage
Ryan Soobe
Ryan Soobe Prije 8 dana
GTA V includes so many more details, physics, and features than Cyberpunk 2077. Yet Rockstar didn't need 8 years to make it.
League of Losers
League of Losers Prije 4 dana
I like cyberpunk because of the amount of lore like you can find so many details and backstory's, which in gta 5 is kind of lacking in, but yeah I agree it did take cdpr tooooooo long but Idk if they were working on the game for all of those years, I don't think they were.
HaZe Prije 8 dana
Cyberpunk'll just be another one of those games that was very bad ar it's release and then the community and modders'll fix it and it'll be popular
Harshvardhan Kumbharkar
Harshvardhan Kumbharkar Prije 8 dana
well if u think about almost all rpg games are made great by modders
Steve Bond
Steve Bond Prije 8 dana
I would like to be able to have separate games that I can name such as 'Corpo 1', Nomad test' etc. so I can switch between them at will.
Dak Kruller
Dak Kruller Prije 8 dana
Clothing mods, appearance mods, vehicle customization mods, gun customization mods. These would be best.
solegar the great
solegar the great Prije 8 dana
Why is it always up to the modders to fix the game ? Why the developers haven't done anything to fix cyberpunk 2077?
Noir Rain
Noir Rain Prije 8 dana
Enjoy the hiring by gender and not by qualifications. It will only get “better”
Daniel Blank
Daniel Blank Prije 8 dana
The mini map mod is probably going to be my most used mod. The mini map is absolutely atrocious
headknocker2020 Prije 8 dana
Could these potentially clash with any updates that CDPR puts out in the future? Kind of debating if I want to use mods or just wait a couple months to see if they patch a lot of stuff.
potopishi4dx Prije 8 dana
IGN do be really just shitting on cyberpunk tho
Kahwei Chan
Kahwei Chan Prije 8 dana
Character appearance is one of the things I was sure would be in the base game. Or at least the ability to get a hair cut at the very least.
Kahwei Chan
Kahwei Chan Prije 7 dana
@ZeqHD I'm sure a couple people care about it. For me it was the inventory screens mostly and riding motorcycles. But I get what you're saying. You don't really notice.
ZeqHD Prije 7 dana
Who cares about character customization when the game is 1st person view lmao
Noe Carrier
Noe Carrier Prije 7 dana
It's so jarring by the absence, isn't it? The whole game is about stuff like that. I keep getting the feeling they had a big old dense open world and had to cut it at the last moment.
Wenlin Zhao
Wenlin Zhao Prije 8 dana
How did CDPR not fix the mini map after so long? I don't know coding, but isn't it just two lines of code to fix the map? When speed is>X value; Increase map ratio by Y value??????
butt forreal
butt forreal Prije 8 dana
This game is a steaming pile of dog crap..
Jason Mighty
Jason Mighty Prije 8 dana
Just watch, some random dude is gonna fix all glitch and issues with the game all by themselves. In a mod.
Jhamali Wees
Jhamali Wees Prije 8 dana
link for the mods !!!!!!!!!
Elvises001 Prije 8 dana
Who mod fix bugs?
OM GAmes2.0
OM GAmes2.0 Prije 8 dana
J P Prije 8 dana
Gabe Logan
Gabe Logan Prije 9 dana
The 3rd person mod looks like you're playing as Max Payne but other than that modders ftw
I T Prije 9 dana
It’s sad that modders are doing more work than the actual developer. What’s even more sad is that they’re fixing basic mechanics.
Adam S
Adam S Prije 9 dana
"5 Best PC Mods to Help Fix Cyberpunk 2077" Shows just random half made mods.
Bryan Godfrey
Bryan Godfrey Prije 9 dana
While yes I would like to turn going 150 mph and try to make a 90 degree angle turn, oh what a world that would be.... No I'm not seeing it's like liberty city but it's physics? So let's physics be physics? Or just make a the floating cars then I'll shut up? You know like futurama?
FrankiE Martinez
FrankiE Martinez Prije 9 dana
I just couldnt finish the game....iam playing on pc and its not bad. But still very buggy. I know these issues will get fixed, but what bothers me more is the fact that there is a lot of missing content....
Adam N
Adam N Prije 9 dana
Thomas Middleditch will be happy about the dodge fix!
GetawayFilms Prije 9 dana
loustewart Prije 9 dana
Cyberscam 2077
Order 666
Order 666 Prije 9 dana
General lee
Paladin Prije 9 dana
Finally, I can get my hair did... in the year 2077. Now how about some custom corpo clothes so I can be fresh af?
Elijah M
Elijah M Prije 9 dana
wow. imagine downloading a third party mod to improve vehicle handling 💀💀💀
Alex Sam
Alex Sam Prije 9 dana
Of course we'll always have to count on our saviors and true heroes the modders👍
Maxwell Lima
Maxwell Lima Prije 9 dana
CDPR improvement roadmap
hejshsh jejeheh
hejshsh jejeheh Prije 9 dana
Can some one from the modder community make an IRON MAN mod ?
Lord Gothys
Lord Gothys Prije 8 dana
Not now
MCHL 29 Prije 9 dana
1:37 is that a Joylne reference ?
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