Devolver's Next RPG is an Idle Game With an Evolving Story

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Loop Hero might be best described as a gothic chiptune pixel-art story-driven deck-building roguelite idle rpg. Ain't gaming subgenres grand? IGN staffer Michael Swaim previews the new game from Devolver Digital and Four Quarters, and shares more about what makes Loop Hero unique.
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Lamarias Lymosari
Lamarias Lymosari Prije 14 sati
I'm dying to play this game. But if I see another 4-5 articles and no release.. it will be like that Time I was Hyped for Wildstar for a year and ended up never playing it.
M Prije 3 dana
I don’t get it, is it trendy to pretend to be excited and hyped for games that look like they belong on NES? Seems that’s the thing to do to gain internet points. I don’t get it.
Dick Deepinsideher
Dick Deepinsideher Prije 4 dana
omechron Prije 7 dana
So THIS is where Swaim went after Cracked decided they were bored of being culturally relevant.
Video 2
Video 2 Prije 7 dana
Really looking forward to this
TheCivildecay Prije 8 dana
The character art is so well done!
DMorg Prije 8 dana
Cool, any date for devolver's next REAL game?
Video 2
Video 2 Prije 7 dana
Yeah, it's called Loop Hero coming in early 2021
John S
John S Prije 9 dana
Grundierung Täglich
Grundierung Täglich Prije 9 dana
Why idle...?
TelepathicFish Prije 9 dana
Erlisch Prije 9 dana
So my first question - Can I turn off the story? Second question - Can I skip the tutorial? If yes x2 then Im effing buying this faster than you can say what
Kraven Doomhammmer
Kraven Doomhammmer Prije 9 dana
This somehow sounds like exactly my jam
Ricardo Universidad Correo
Ricardo Universidad Correo Prije 9 dana
Devolver Digital is like a cult now. Yes or Yes.
Ahmed Yuki
Ahmed Yuki Prije 9 dana
Kostas Dalaklidis
Kostas Dalaklidis Prije 9 dana
Game looks interesting
Julian Morgan
Julian Morgan Prije 9 dana
Devolver digital, the "this looks risky and could lose lots of money, we better invest in it" publisher. They take so many risks its crazy and it usually pays off, who is their content scout seriously.
Umberto Novelli
Umberto Novelli Prije 9 dana
Ah yes, gameboy color games for the price of a discount triple A. What a time to be alive!
Tenchi Prije 9 dana
I don't know what palette this is, but it's not a GBC one.
Mister M
Mister M Prije 9 dana
Any game lablesd as "rogue" is an immediate no for me. I hate wasting time and getting nothing in return.
Tenchi Prije 9 dana
Ah, I see, you are a man of narratives too.
Ben Hillman
Ben Hillman Prije 9 dana
There's meta progression - in the demo you keep everything from each (20 min?) winning run and 30% of the resources from each failure. The issues with this title aren't a result of its overarching structure so much as that very few of your decisions require much thought to reach the optimum play and the outcome of optimal placements is only marginally better than those of weaker ones.
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 9 dana
LOL adorable
oldnintendolink Prije 9 dana
So we sh1t on cd project red but hype an idle game ahahahahahahh this world is mindrotten im out
oldnintendolink Prije dan
@Zenith Quasar ITS AN IDLE GAME. It could be broke as shite and you wouldnt know it
Zenith Quasar
Zenith Quasar Prije dan
At least this game works as promised and intended, not riddled with bugs and broken...
Felipe Carvalho
Felipe Carvalho Prije 9 dana
"Idle" game??? What? Never saw this category before.
Bolicob IV
Bolicob IV Prije 9 dana
Played the game jam demo for over 8 hours, certainly looking forward to this one
Destructus 86
Destructus 86 Prije 9 dana
The graphics make my eyes burn
Largentina TM
Largentina TM Prije 9 dana
It's a two dimensional indie game. Were you expecting high graphical fidelity?
Diego Macias
Diego Macias Prije 9 dana
Hyped for this
tobydammit Prije 9 dana
Yay, Swaim!
Jason Gill
Jason Gill Prije 6 dana
Came here to see if I was the only one to notice the voice.
The Troll Patrol
The Troll Patrol Prije 10 dana
DenverEight Prije 10 dana
So it’s Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories minus the real time combat? Neat.
Dha TribalZ
Dha TribalZ Prije 10 dana
I think the pixel artist is Deceiver on Twitter for those interested in his work. He's a super great artist ! The game itself looks also interesting
Commander Waffles
Commander Waffles Prije 10 dana
Looks great but when he said deck builder, he lost my attention.
Judas McSwell
Judas McSwell Prije 10 dana
Honestly I just buy anything Devolver Digital puts out
YorkJonhson Prije 8 dana
Just waiting on that Katana Zero DLC
Canto Prije 10 dana
I love you Swaim
EhCloserLook Prije 10 dana
Getting NES vibes/nostalgia from these graphics.
gtabro Prije 10 dana
Release date? And don’t dare rush it like Cyberpunk
Gemma ċ ḣȧṫ ̇ẇi̇ṫḣ ̇ṁė
Gemma ċ ḣȧṫ ̇ẇi̇ṫḣ ̇ṁė Prije 10 dana
Your smile is so beautiful that everyone needs to see it.
Rhoderluxel Prije 10 dana
Idle games are so boring. Make something that actually engages the player with gameplay, please.
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 9 dana
@Rhoderluxel Then what do you consider engaging? What's so wrong with what they're doing? Either way, even if it was a full-blown idle game, which it's not, that shouldn't matter at all. Not every game is for everyone.
Rhoderluxel Prije 9 dana
@The Warriors Would you believe me if I said I did? Its just a bunch of menus and management like all idles, but the highlight of this game seems to be ~story~
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 9 dana
Did you watch the video? It seems this game does engage the player.
Mono Prije 10 dana
I see devolver I click Looks great
Mr. Variant
Mr. Variant Prije 10 dana
nice art and animation, could be fun :)
Jake Prije 10 dana
Only games I’m excited for these days are indie games, AAA either cater to everyone and don’t take risks or are built around milking your wallet.
CrimsonFlame Prije 8 dana
Pfft i wish triple A games catered to everyone. Definitely don't take risk and most certainly wallet drainers though or end up releasing unfinished
The Watcher
The Watcher Prije 9 dana
They forget how they used to be passionated and tried out all new idea when they were Indie
Matthew LaSalvia
Matthew LaSalvia Prije 10 dana
Devolver Digital has quickly become one of my favorite publishers in recent years. They make so many great games. I own a lot of them on my Nintendo Switch. They’re one of those developers that cares less about trends or cutting edge graphics and more about creating one of a kind experiences with great gameplay.
Matthew LaSalvia
Matthew LaSalvia Prije 9 dana
J Godden
J Godden Prije 9 dana
Devolver is a publisher, not a development studio.
N A Prije 10 dana
They don't make the games though?
_ Electric Blues _
_ Electric Blues _ Prije 10 dana
Wow, looks really wonderful! Definitely going to check it out! 👍
The Commentator
The Commentator Prije 10 dana
Man, i really miss these kind of games, happy they’re returning...............btw I’m a new channel trying to grow, give it a look if you like (sorry if it’s self promoting I don’t really know how else to grow)
Conan LeBarbare
Conan LeBarbare Prije 10 dana
I miss the swaimbot on cracked tv
freakyfro99 Prije 9 dana
I miss After Hours
YOURMOM-206- Prije 10 dana
Wtf is this
The Warriors
The Warriors Prije 9 dana
What do you mean? This is a video game.
ssskywalk3rrr Prije 10 dana
This looks like a lot of fun!
Easy TAB'S For Guitar!
Easy TAB'S For Guitar! Prije 10 dana
Hesh Prije 10 dana
This looks cool
Hesh Prije 10 dana
Rachel - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE
Rachel - I m live with cam ᑕᕼEᑕK ᗰY ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE Prije 10 dana
We may not talk for a long time, but I hope we don't lose touch.
Biscuit Lord
Biscuit Lord Prije 10 dana
This sounds cool
TheDark Salmon
TheDark Salmon Prije 10 dana
y'all!. I'm interested. I'll have to look I to this more
MisT Gaming
MisT Gaming Prije 10 dana
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